Best Pet Water Fountain

Keeping a pet hydrated involves more that just placing a bowl of water in their presence. An animal should drink one ounce of water for every pound of weight. In shared households, your pet can easily lack the right hydration. To ensure all animals in a household are hydrated, it is recommended to have a water fountain. The moving water makes an animal want to drink the water.

Best Water Fountains for Pets

In this age, it is basically possible to get everything online, and at a good price. The advantage of buying online is the variety it provides. It’s also possible to get products from different suppliers in a single retail shop. Delivery is usually included in the mentioning price, so don’t worry about an added fee for the shipping.

The best water fountains in the market easily serve to make animals drink as much water as they need, while ensuring the water is clean and fresh. Amazon offers other new and used fountains, at reasonable prices, ranging around $40.

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The Drink Well Platinum Pet Fountain 1680z

This is an item your pets will love as it provides risks to the health due to its oxygenated water. Since it’s made out of plastic, there is no risk or corrosion. Some have complained that cleaning is a hustle as the water turns slimy. But a good way is to clean it regularly and using vinegar in the rinsing water.

The Pioneers Pet Stainless Steel Fountain

This has a raindrop design is quite attractive, classy and can be washed in a dish washer. It also fascinates pets and makes them want to drink up. On purchase, be sure to run the water through a couple of times to rid off the strong smell of rubber that could put off sensitive pets. But otherwise, it functions just fine.

A Drink Well 360 Pet Fountain 128 oz

This is ideal where more than one pet is concerned. The plastic material again makes it easy to clean, and there is no need to refill again and again. Big animals will find this especially useful as they can drink up as much as they like at a go. To prevent sliding it has spout rings and rubber, anti-sliding feet. Just for one problem, the strong stream of water can create quite a puddle, so it is better used outside or with a mat to avoid a mess. Cats love the streaming water.

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Cat Mate Pet Fountain

The other option goes for as little as less than $35. Its design is special, with multilevel height that allows the pet to choose from which level to drink. While the water flows from the top tier, any dirt can collect in the bottom tier leaving the top two clear. It is made out of plastic so can easily be cleaned. Even though it has flowing water, it has a low voltage power that makes it quiet.

Fountains aid in hydration.
The best fountain also depends on the owner’s specifications. Some will prefer stainless steel to plastic, for the purpose of blending items in the house. At times, cats that are messy eaters will be better suited with one that cleans easy.

Water assists an animal’s body by lubricating joints, improves the function of the kidneys, as well as regulating the body temperature of the pet. To know if a pet is dehydrated, pulling at a part of the skin to check for elasticity will let you know whether the pet might actually need to be looked at by a veterinary.

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