Best Dental Chews for Dogs

There are many dog dental chews available on the market and some are higher quality than others. They are designed to allow your dog to have a treat they will love while doing their part to keep the dog’s teeth healthy and their breath non-smelly. Starting your dog on dental chew treats when they are young usually leads to them having healthier teeth when they are older. If you are looking for the best dental chews for dogs here are a few suggestions.

Greenies Canine

Greenies Canine is a dog dental chew that naturally provides man’s best friend his or her dose of dietary fiber and antioxidants. The regular sized bone is recommended for dogs who weigh no less than 25 pounds but no more than 50 pounds, yet you can purchase any size from teenie to jumbo, depending on your dog’s weight and body size. When you give your dog this dental treat you can have the confidence of knowing that it garnered the Veterinary Oral Health Council Seal of Acceptance. As low fat bones, they are nothing but beneficial for your dog. While most consumers have stated that this bone was beneficial to their dog, some have said that it made their dogs sick. However, trying Greenies Canine out for your dog will likely give you positive results you will be pleased with, though some dog owners balk at the price of these bones.

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Checkups Dental Dog Treats

Checkups Dental Dog Treats are the ideal treat for those who weigh at least 20 pounds. Free of gluten and wheat these bones are safe for your dog to eat. They even cut down on the tartar on your dog’s teeth by 62% and cut down on the plaque on your dog’s teeth by 25%. Though many consumers have complained that keeping these bones in the bag leads to the bones becoming as hard as a rock others report that they stay softer when stored in a canister.

C.E.T. VeggieDent Chews

The C.E.T. VeggieDent Chews are made up mainly of vegetables, making your dog’s health better and giving them more energy. These z-shaped bones are easy for dogs of any size to chew on. If you feed them a VeggieDent Chews everyday you are helping reduce the likelihood of your dog suffering from too much calculus and keeping plaque off their teeth. Vets often recommend VeggieDent Chews to anyone who owns a dog. Many dog owners have reported that this bone gets stuck in their dog’s teeth, as when a dog bites off pieces of it the pieces tend to be large.

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