Best Car Seat Protector for Dogs

Going for a drive with your dog is a pleasure. After all, Fido is part of your family and deserves to be treated like other members, including accompanying you on short drives or road trips. But have you thought of what will happen to car seat if your beloved pet is placed directly on it? The result would be a dirty seat that is covered with pet hair and dander. Also, let’s not forget the scratches the claws can cause on the leather or faux leather. So, it goes without saying a car seat protector for dogs is not a luxury. It is a necessity for your peace of mind and for protecting your car seat.

However, there are so many different types of car seat protector for dogs and it can be overwhelming to make the right choice. So, make the selection process easy for you, here are a few reviews of the best car seat protector for dogs.

Solvit Bench-Type Seat Cover for Dogs


This is a waterproof seat cover that has openings to access seat belts in the back seat. It helps to keep your car back seat clean by protecting it from pet dander, dirt and spills. It is made from heavy-duty polyester and also has a waterproof rear lining. The seat cover can be attached to any vehicle that has headrests using adjustable straps. And, if it gets dirty, you can clean it in your washing machine.

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Solvit Bench-Type Seat Cover for Dogs costs about $35.
User Reviews:
Many users who have bought this seat protector believe the Solvit offers a unique way to protect car seats, as it truly is waterproof. It also is easy to attach to the car seat.

Other users have said this pet seat cover has great durability even though it may not appear to be aesthetically pleasing.

However, there are some drawbacks to using this seat cover for dogs. When the cover is installed, the seatbelt of the center seat cannot be used. It may not anchor as smoothly to leather seats as it does to seats that have a fabric covering. The lower seat straps may not be useful, depending on the kind of motor vehicle you have. Also, it has a chemical odor (thanks to the heavy-duty polyester) that may take time to disappear.

Kyjen Dog Back Seat Hammock

This large-sized hammock can be used on the rear or front seat and helps to keep pet hair from adhering to the car upholstery. It is simple to attach and great for big dog breeds, as the dimensions of the hammock are 55 inches x 58.5 inches. The straps are adjustable and can be attached to the car seat or headrest.

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This car seat protector for dogs costs about $30.
User Reviews:
Users who have purchased this car seat protector claim it is easy to install, thanks to the 4 adjustable straps that can easily fit about the headrest. There are Velcro slits that allow you to reach the seat belt and secure your dog safely. In addition, there is a Velcro slit at the out edge of the car seat protector that allows you to open the cover and let a passenger get into the rear seat without dismantling the cover. It also is easy to clean.

With all the ease and benefits this hammock offers, it also has a few negatives that are worth knowing. For instance, it does not have the ability to attract and retain pet hair. So, your pooch’s hair will be all over the car. Also, the front portion of the cover that prevents the dogs from coming on to the front seat does not remain taut enough. This allows the pet to come and sit on the front seat.

Solvit Waterproof Hammock Seat Cover

Another seat cover from Solvit, but this time it is styled like a hammock. It is made from long-lasting heavy-duty polyester and also has a waterproof underlining. If the seat cover gets dirty, it can be cleaned in the washing machine. The cover comes with adjustable straps that can be attached to the rear seat and front seat headrest to make a hammock.

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This waterproof hammock-style seat cover costs about $40.
User Reviews:
While the hammock seat cover does have an odor, it is not enough to be repulsive to your pet or you. If you air the cover, the odor will disappear. Once that happens, it is quite easy to install. It hardly takes 5 to 10 minutes to attach the hammock to the headrests. It also has slits to access rear seatbelts and secure your pooch. However, the most attractive part of this car seat protector for dogs is it can be used as a hammock as well as a bucket seat cover. It even has pockets to keep bags for picking up poop or water bottle for your pooch.

While the slits to access seatbelts are great, they also are a problem. They allow dirt and mud to get through the cover and sully the underlying seat upholstery. Some users also complain that the hammock does not stay in place and tends to move around when the vehicle is in motion.

Now that you know more about the best car seat protector for dogs, it is time to go out and buy one for your car and pooch.

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