Finding the Best Potato Masher

If you hate lumps on your mashed potatoes, then it’s high time you invest in a high-quality masher, one that can deliver fluffy or velvety smooth results every time. Potato mashers are a true wonder tool and it has a lot of surprising uses in the kitchen and beyond! The fact is, potato mashers are no-fuss kitchen tools with not a lot of extras.

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That said, these products come in various sizes, price points, and features that’s why you need to get to know this tool very well before making a purchase. Some mashers come with extra-large holes, others have a wire base rather than the traditional round head. Straightforward as they are, some come with handy add-ins, how to maximize these extras will depend on how often you’ll use the device.

On the hunt for the best potato mashers on the market? We’ve road tested the highest rating potato mashers in the business to help your search!

The Best Potato Masher

Bottom line
OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Potato Masher
  • Solid stainless steel wire head
  • Soft rubber grip handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Versatile
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  • Large mashing space
iCooker Potato Masher
  • Professional design
  • Durable materials
  • 1-year satisfaction guarantee
  • Smaller holes
Jamie Oliver Stainless Steel Masher
  • Versatile
  • Added features
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel base
  • Quality issues
  • Expensive
PriorityChef Potato Ricer and Masher
  • High quality design
  • Sturdy stainless steel material
  • Makes fluffy mash
  • Expensive
  • Cumbersome for the uninitiated

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Potato Masher

OXO’s potato masher is a no-frills stainless steel potato masher with a soft, rubbery handle for a good grip! This product features a wavy wire head, which is made from solid stainless steel so the quality is there. It’s durable so we had no fear working it in as we mash.We love the long handle just because it makes mashing so much easier. Also, the long handle makes for easy hanging though we doubt this baby will stay unused for long. You’ll find so many uses for this masher and we’re glad it’s dishwasher safe so clean up is just as no-fuss. Another cool feature worth noting is the cushioned grip. You may think it’s just a so-so feature but making mashed potatoes is a messy job and it helps that the cushioned end makes it easier to grip the masher for faster mashing!

Now for the negatives, there’s not much except for the larger space in between the wire head. The large spaces require more effort to get rid of the lumps completely. If you prefer lumpy mash though, this is a great buy! We wish the spaces in between were tinier but the wire head won’t prevent you from making smooth ‘taters! Overall, this is a great masher and the comfortable grip as well as the quality design blew this customer away:

This wire potato masher, like the rest of the products from the OXO Good Grips line, is a great value of superior quality, unsurpassed durability, and flawless performance. Its ergonomic design, hefty body, and big, pressure-absorbing, non-slip grip, complete with flexible fins to accommodate your fingers, are the reasons why you’ll prefer this product over the more traditional models.

iCooker Potato Masher

iCooker’s potato masher is a professional potato and rice masher. It features a large, food-grade noncorrosive stainless steel head with tinier holes, perfect for making creamy mash potato. The larger mash head lets you mash more potatoes so you’re bound to finish in half the time. Because of its heavy-duty design, the iCooker masher can take on more mashing jobs! The elegant design sure is a plus and as promised, it does add an aura of professionalism to your kitchen. The handle is ergonomically designed so there were no worries of slipping as we work. We just wish the handle were grippier so it’s much easier to work the product into the potatoes as we mash. As with all iCooker products, this masher comes with a 1-year satisfaction guarantee for a worry-free purchase.

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There’s not much to complain about this product, design-wise. If there’s one thing that needs improvement on the iCooker potato masher, it’s the smaller holes. If you like your mash potatoes fluffy, you gotta work harder for it using this masher otherwise you’d end up with flat results. That said, this user say his iCooker is the best masher he tried:

I have tried this potato masher and I love it. I had no issues getting all the lumps out of my potatoes. It did not take much effort for me mash my potatoes up. It was easy to hold, easy to clean, easy to mash, what more could you want.

Jamie Oliver Stainless Steel Masher

Designed by famed chef and TV personality, Jamie Oliver, this potato masher features an elegant brushed stainless steel base, soft rubber grip, and integrated silicone bowl scraper and hanging hook. As far as potato mashers go, this is one souped-up tool able to take on small and big jobs with ease. The masher’s base is wide enough to mash more potatoes, cutting the time it takes to complete a job in half.The size of the holes is a combination of large and small, which helps for smooth, velvety or chunky mash, whichever you prefer. The added features are a nice touch, making this product even more versatile than your average masher. The quality is top-notch and the size of the model is just right.

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As for the negatives, we cannot find a fault with our test masher but some users say theirs came with defects. We believe this could be an isolated incident. Another thing worth noting is the price. As with any product endorsed by a celebrity, the Jamie Oliver potato masher is expensive for what it is but it does come with extra features. And for this user, the Jamie Oliver potato masher is nothing short of perfect

It is perfect. Extremely well built and great quality metal and rubber. Doesn’t wobble or bend what so ever. It even has some weight to it to add more to the mash and well built construction. The handle area is perfectly shaped for ones hand and provides a perfect grip. The mashing area just goes right through the potato with no problems at all. Nothing gets stuck and it is perfect for those who like a more smooth mashed potato.

PriorityChef Potato Ricer and Masher

The PriorityChef potato and rice masher is a multi-purpose masher with comfort and convenience in mind. Instead of mashing the spuds using elbow grease, this masher allows you to press the potatoes instead of crushing it. You can use this masher to press other vegetables, including carrots and pumpkins, perfect if you’re making baby food. The PriorityChef potato and rice masher also come with a longer handle with non-slip strip for efficient mashing.

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PriorityChef guarantees that its potato masher is 100% rustproof so there’s no need to worry about corrosion when you haven’t been using this masher. We like the thickness of the stainless steel alloy, there is no fear that you’ll bend the handles from too much pressing. To sweeten the deal, PriorityChef is throwing in a no question asked warranty in case you are not happy with your masher.

As for the negatives, since you’re pressing one potato to the next, the process of making mashed potatoes is slower than say, using a traditional masher. Also, using this masher takes a lot of pressing power and that can take a toll on your hand and wrist. That said, this satisfied customer loved the end result of using PriorityChef’s press masher:

I ended up loving how creamy and fluffy the potatoes came out. Overall, a good quality, easy to use kitchen tool. The rubber handles make it very grippable so there’s no slip, and it cleans up easily.

How to Use a Potato Masher

Creative Uses for Potato Mashers

Got a potato masher? Did you know that you could use this nifty tool for a variety of kitchen jobs apart from mashing spuds?

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Mashing Vegetables
Why waste time slicing and dicing when you can use a masher to make delicious egg salads and chopping soft nuts and finish up in just half the time? A potato masher comes in handy especially if you have a lot of boiled or soft ingredients you’d like to process.

Craving for a warm, chunky serving of broccoli or mushroom soup? Whip up a hearty soup of any kind using your trusty potato masher. With a potato masher, you don’t have to slice and dice cheese, cauliflower, rice, and fresh mushrooms. This tool allows you to break up these ingredients with ease.

Who knew a potato masher makes a great tool in baking? No need to use a plastic bag to crush ingredients for pie crusts. You can use your masher to crush cookies and cracker to make pie crusts or mash fruits for fillings.

Baby Food
If your baby is ready for solid food, you can whip up healthy dishes for your baby using a masher. From fresh fruits to boiled carrots and plantains, you can use your potato masher to make baby food and save more $$$!

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