Choosing a Magnetic Knife Holder

Knives tend to take a lot of space and take a long time to access. The easiest way to make them both accessible and not using much space is by using a magnetic knife holder.

Do you need a magnetic knife holder?

Do you often struggle with storing your knives? You need a place where they are both safe and accessible? If you’ll decide on buying a magnetic knife holder, those problems will be gone forever. People often have problems with storing knives because they are of different shapes and sizes. Some of them don’t fit into cutlery drawers or knife blocks so they need to be stored in other drawers. When you’re searching for one of your knives, you often need to go through a lot of other cutleries in order to find the one you need. That takes time and there is a possibility that you’ll get hurt while going through all those sharp knives you possess. A magnetic knife holder seems to be the best solution to those problems.

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What you need to know about magnetic knife holders

How does a magnetic knife holder work?

A magnetic knife holder is named that way because it has a built-in magnet strip. Because the blade of a typical knife is made of metal, a magnetic knife holder will hold it in place pretty easily. You can store other metallic kitchen utensils on the knife holder too, but you should remember that a knife holder won’t be able to support heavy objects.

The magnetic strip is strong enough to hold most knives (even heavy ones) but it also has to allow anyone to detach every utensil from the strip easily. That means that the strength of the magnet is very limited.

Features of magnetic knife holder

  • Keeps you knives organizedYou can easily keep all your knives in one place. You won’t have to open the drawer and search for a certain knife because all of them will be at your hand.
  • Holds knives safely on the wall or anywhere you want them to be
  • Great for large knives that won’t fit into kitchen drawersSome knives simply don’t fit in cutlery drawers or knife blocks. Because of that, you have to store them somewhere else, which often ends up with searching for a certain knife in many drawers .
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes in various sizes and shapesThat allows you to choose one that matches the look of your kitchen.
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Where I should place my magnetic knife holder?

Practically, you can place the knife holder wherever you want to. There are, however, a few things that you should consider before attaching it permanently. Knives are very sharp and it’s extremely easy to get hurt by one of them.

Because of that, you should fasten the magnetic knife holder somewhere away from children’s reach. This way you can be certain that children won’t be able to accidentally hurt themselves. When it comes to placing a knife holder, it’s probably the best to put it somewhere where you can easily access the knives. Somewhere near your working area. This way you’ll be able to quickly get the kitchen utensil you need and continue your work.

If you, however, would like to show off a little with your knife collection, you can place the knife holder in a prominent place so everyone will see your utensils.

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