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If you’re looking for the best toaster oven in 2013, this is the place where you’ll find the toaster oven you need. Most poeple decide on buying a toaster oven instead of a simple toaster just because it has many more uses. Besides toasting bread, it can be used to melting cheese roasting nuts or even baking pizza.

You might also consider choosing a toaster oven instead of a microwave, but you should remember that sometimes a toaster oven won’t replace a microwave. Consider your needs and buy a microwave if you need one too.

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Things to Consider when Buying a Toaster Oven

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there are few things to consider when choosing a toaster oven to buy.

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Interior dimensions

Make sure the toaster is large enough to fit everything you’d like to toast in it. Smaller toaster ovens can toast only two slices of bread, while bigger ones can even accommodate a pizza. This is very important because many people buy a toaster oven and then rate it 2/5 just because they can’t fit a frozen pizza into it. That doesn’t make any sense – consider your needs before buying a toaster.

Exterior dimensions

If you’re short on counter space, don’t buy a large toaster oven! Measure how much space you’ve got for this appliance and then buy accordingly.

Additional equipment and features

If your needs are pretty simple, buy a simple device with few controls and only basic features. If you’d some additional features or accessories like a pizza pan or a baking pan, make sure you’ll buy a toaster that has all you need! Of course you need to remember that in most cases more features and accessories means higher price.

Is it a convection toaster oven?

Convection toaster ovens use air circulation to heat and cook food quicker and more evenly. If you plan to often cook larger portions (e.g. frozen pizza) of food in your toaster oven, consider a convection one. Please note that convection toaster ovens are often more expensive than usual ones.

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How often you plan to use this device

If you plan on using your toaster oven very often, I’d suggest spending some extra money on a name brand and avoiding low-end products. Why is that? Often low-end products work great for some time, like 6 months, a year, or even year and a half, and then they stop working. Often the manufacturer is willing to replace their product with a new one, but it takes some time and (often) money. If you only use the device few times a week, or even less frequently, chances are the appliance will work fine for quite a long time. Before buying check out customer reviews and look for ones written by people who use the reviewed product for more than a year.

Best toaster ovens on the market

Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven with Convection and Rotisserie

Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven is an inexpensive toaster oven with convection and rotisserie. It comes with two cooking racks, two baking pans, broiler racks and rotisserie accessories. It’s a pretty large toaster oven capable of fitting two 12” pizzas (on two levels) simultaneously.

Please note that users point out the exterior of this oven can get hot at times and you should take necessary precautions. Also, the few people complain about the thermostat not working that well. One of reviewers pointed out that this toaster over stopped working after about a year, take that into consideration. It’s a pretty good entry-level toaster oven, but you should remember that it’s made of cheap parts (that’s why the price is so low) and chances are it’ll quit working after a longer period of time (a year or two).

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Panasonic NB-G110P Flash Xpress Toaster Oven

Panasonic NB-G110P is a toaster oven that was discontinued quite some time ago and it’s now back in production. People love it because it cooks very quickly (producer states that even 40-percent faster than conventional toaster ovens). It’s easy to use thanks to 6 illustrated preset buttons and it automatically calculates the cooking time for a variety of foods.

This toaster oven has a square-shaped Inner tray which fits pizza up to 9-inch in diameter or 4 slices of bread – this isn’t a large appliance.

Breville BOV650XL The Compact Smart Oven

Breville BOV650XL The Compact Smart Oven is a medium-priced toaster oven that fits a 12 inch pizza or 4 toast slices. It has 8 preset functions to make using it easy, but you can also set your own settings. When it comes to accessories, it comes with a baking pan and a broil rack. It has 4 independent heating elements, so it cooks toasts and other foods evenly.

People like that it’s built to last and the overall quality of this toaster oven is very good. Please note that few people complain about numerous minor issues. Since every customer has his own needs and wants, check out the most helpful reviews on Amazon to read about what issues people complain. For most people it’ll a great choice when looking for a not so big toaster oven without convection.

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Breville BOV800XL The Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven

Breville BOV800XL is a high-end best-selling convection toaster oven. It’s a pretty large oven – it fits a 13” pizza or 6 toast slices. It comes with a pizza pan, broil rack and a baking pan. It also features a magnetic auto eject rack. It ejects when you open the door, so it’s easier for you to get or put food on the rack and not get burned while doing that. There are 9 preset settings, but you can modify them accordingly to your needs.

Overall, it’s a great toaster oven and if you’re looking for a convection one that will last years and work well, this one is probably the one you’re looking for.


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