Best Digital Food Scale

If you often try out new recipes, a small digital food scale comes handy surprisingly often.

There are a few situations when you need the best digital food scale. For example, if you’re following a certain diet, you probably (depends on the diet itself) need to measure weight of certain foods, so the amounts and proportions will meet the requirements of your diet. If you’re trying out a new recipe, it’s always good to stick with the recipe’s guidelines. That can be easily achieved using a digital food scale. Sometimes you might even want to know the weight of something out of pure curiosity.

Of course, every one knows that a device such as a kitchen scale should be easy to use, but let’s talk a little about some other features that the best digital food scale should have.

Professional Digital Food Scales

If you need a digital scale only for domestic use, then a standard digital food scale is sufficient for you. If you need a digital food scale that can be used professionally, you need a certified device. Food scales are certified by an independent organization called NSF. Only food scales that meet certain standards can be certified by NSF. You should also be aware that certified devices cost a lot more than regular ones. Therefore, if you only need a food scale for standard home usage, a regular digital food scale is sufficient for your needs.

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Features of Best Digital Food Scales

  • Tare button – if you didn’t know, tare button is used to setting the scale to 0. Why this button is so important? Sometimes you’ll have to weight your ingredients in a container, or on a plate. This way you can put the container on the scale first, push the tare button and add anything you want to weight. You’ll have the weight of your ingredients without making any calculations yourself. You are also able to weight a few ingredients at once – you just need to note the weight of each ingredient and push the tare button after each ingredient is measured.
  • Weight in grams and ounces – that’s another important function of digital kitchen scales.In some recipes you can find ingredients measured in ounces, other recipes give you values in grams. Your digital food scale should allow you to easily switch between ounces and grams.
  • Auto power off – how many times have you ever left something powered on, instead of shutting it off, because you simply forgot that it’s on? I suppose that happens quite a lot to all of us. If your digital food scale has the auto power off feature, the problem is solved.
  • The device should be easy to clean – you need to clean the food scale, at least once in a while, possibly a lot more often. Because of that the kitchen scale should be easy to clean. Some digital food scales have platforms that you can take off and wash in a dishwasher or in a sink. Others do not have a removable platform. As long as the device is pretty easy to clean (e.g. with the use of a wet cloth) this doesn’t really matter.
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Best Food Scales on the Market

EatSmart Precision Pro

EatSmart Precision Pro is probably the best digital food scale on the market. It has capacity of 11 lbs, the platform is stable enough for vessels and it uses ordinary batteries (not any fancy CR2032 ones). There’s another great thing about this food scale – it’s very affordable.

Escali Primo Digital Multifunctional Scale

Escali Primo Digital Multifunctional Scale is another top rated food scale. It has all the features you expect it to have (like tare, metric/imperial switch button) nad it runs on AA batteries. It’s inexpensive and available in many colors.

Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale


Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale is a very accurate and easy to store food scale. Since it’s a relatively small kitchen scale, it’s very convenient to store, but it looks nice enough to be left on the counter (of course if you’ve got enough space for that). Probably the only flaw of this digital scale is that it’s not waterproof.

OXO Good Grips Stainless Food Scale with Pull-Out Display

OXO Good Grips Stainless Food Scale with Pull-Out Display is very accurate and easy to use. Its main feature is a pull-out display, so you can put it somewhere near the plate while weighing large vessels. Besides that, it has all the features a good digital food scale should have.

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