Can Almond Milk Go Bad?

Almond milk’s nutritious qualities have made it an extremely popular drink lately, and you may have fallen in love with it as so many other people have. You can make your own almond milk or buy it at most types of stores nowadays, and both have their individual advantages. However, most kinds of almond milk will go bad at some point.

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Almond Milk – Store Bought Variety

The store bought variety of almond milk has been taste tested by several bloggers, and most agree that it’s as tasty as the type you can make at home for yourself. The main difference appears to be cost, which is slightly higher than simply making it yourself, and that some brands will make you feel more full than the homemade variety will. Another side difference is that there are always going to be extra ingredients that are hard to verify in any kind of store bought food or drink, and that makes some people nervous.

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Homemade Almond Milk

Of all the delicious recipes you can make at home, almond milk may be one of the most satisfying. All you have to use is water, ground almonds and sugar, and you have a tasty and nutritious drink that you can feel good about. The fact that you can guarantee the quality of everything that goes into your homemade almond milk is a nice bonus.

Storing Almond Milk Properly

Almond milk comes in several different varieties. There is a shelf stable type that can be stored without refrigeration, but this is unusual. If you bought the milk from the refrigerated section of the grocery store, keep it refrigerated and it should last longer. Some people even say that for the best storage, once your almond milk is open you should store it in the freezer. Since exposure to air can cause problems with almond milk, you can benefit from using an airtight container to store your milk in order to make it last longer.

If you make your almond milk at home, you can make it last longer by making sure it isn’t too acidic. If the pH goes too high, this can cause fermentation and a bad taste. Using fresher almonds can often take care of this problem, but mixing in a small amount of oil can also lower the pH and keep the milk more stable for a longer period of time. Another tip that can help your milk to last longer is to store it inside the fridge proper instead of in the door, as the door tends to have a higher temperature than the deeper parts of the refrigerator.

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Shelf Life

Before you open your milk, the “best by” date is a good indicator of how long you can wait before using it. Once your milk is opened, this date becomes more solid because air is getting to the milk. Even refrigerated, you most likely have one week to use your milk before it begins to go bad. At the most, you have three weeks before your milk’s texture and taste will change for the worse.

Knowing When Your Almond Milk Has Gone Bad

Many people who make almond milk at home notice that it separates fairly quickly. This is nothing to be concerned about, as simply shaking it causes the ingredients to mix back together. However, there are ways to tell if the milk is bad. A change in color or smell, particularly to something “sour” smelling, is a good indicator. Another way to tell that your almond milk has gone bad is curdling or an unopened container that looks to be bloated.

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