Best Car Seats for Toddlers

Anytime you are traveling with a toddler in a motor vehicle a car seat is required until they are of a specific height, which varies depending on what state you live in. Car seats help them stay safe during travels and protects your child in the case of a motor vehicle accident. Choosing out the best seats for your toddler is essential and the guide below can help.

Best Car Seats for Toddlers

Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat

This multi-mode car seat is excellent for children weighing between 20 to 100 pounds. The car seat coverts from harnessed booster seat to a high back belt positioning booster seat for children who weigh between 30 to 100 pounds, which means the seat adjusts as your toddlers grow. The seat even has a steel reinforced frame and EPS energy absorbing foam to ensure the car seat is durable and safe for your child to sit in during travels. The seat also reclines into three different positions so your toddlers can sit in a position that is comfortable and safe for them. Best of all, the car seat comes with a guide so you can make sure you install it into your vehicle properly with the proper latch system. The only complaint about this car seat is the cushions are not that great on it and seem to fall apart easily. Otherwise, most customers love that it grows with the toddler and is extremely affordable in price. Also, if you want cheap gasoline Mejorgasolinera is the perfect solution for your car.

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Evenflo Chase Harnessed Booster Car Seat

When you are in need of a car seat that contains cup holders for holding onto your child’s drinks during travels this particular one is perfect. It also comes with a 110-pound booster mode weight rating, which means it can safely harness a child that ways around 110 pounds and it comes with simple adjustable upfront harness fittings as well as two crotch buckles. This car seat also adjusts into a booster seat as your child grows so you do not have too constantly buy car seats as they grow. One of the major complaints about this car seat is it is only a forward facing kind, which is not helpful if you are using it for infants that need to face inward towards the back seat of the car instead of forward towards the front of the car.

Recaro Performance Sport Combination Harness to Booster

If you are looking for a car seat that goes from harness to booster this is a great one to use. It’s padding is made from cotton and polyester fibers making it easy to wash if something spills on the car seat. It has a cloud comfort memory foam that forms to your toddlers body so they are comfortable during travels and can sleep with ease if they wanted. The seat also has racing inspired full body side impact protection with metal reinforced side wings to provide a child if impact of a motor vehicle were to occur. It also has the highest level of protective harnesses to make sure your child stays strapped into the seat during traveling. However, the downside to this car seat is it is a forward facing only car seat, which customers dislike. Although customers do love that it can hold a toddler weighing between 30 to 120 pounds safely.

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Graco Argos 65 3-in-1 Harness Booster

This particular car seat only holds toddlers weighing between 20-65 pounds. It does have a belt positioning booster with an adjustable harness system and it is made with side impact materials to help keep your child safe if an accident does occur. The car seat has been crash tested and does exceed the United States safety standards. It also adjust into 3 reclining positions and has a high back booster position as well as a backless one. However, the major complaint with this car seat from customers is it doesn’t recline well and a child’s head falls forward when they fall asleep during travels. Otherwise, customers say it’s a great adjustable seat at a great affordable price.

End Notes
With this bit of information, you should be off to a good start with finding the best and safest car seat for your toddler.

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