Best Baby Monitor That Works With iPhone

Baby monitors are a necessity in modern life, where it’s impossible to be watching your baby every second of the day. Wireless monitors, and video monitors can make the experience all the easier, allowing you to keep an eye on your little one while doing laundry, cooking dinner, or just enjoying a quick few moments to yourself.

Of course, you may not be able to be home all the time with your infant, and no baby monitor is more convenient for parents on the go than those that connect to your iPhone, tablet, or other smart device. These types of monitors are fantastic for parents that have to work while their little one is being cared for at home, and can even be used by grandparents or other relatives that want to check in from time to time.

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The Basics of Baby Monitors That Work With iPhones

Traditional baby monitors typically include two units – the transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is the piece that stays in your child’s room and sends out either video or audio signals (or both!) to the parent unit, or receiver. Many baby monitor models can be expandable to include several parent units, and some can even include additional transmitters.

Baby monitors that work with iPhones (also called “smart monitors”) remove the parent unit from the equation, allowing you to keep an eye and ear on your little one, without having to carry around yet another device. Some models connect to Wi-fi, allowing you to access them from anywhere in your home, while others will actually connect to the internet. Baby monitors that connect to the internet give you the freedom of checking on your child, even when you’re away.

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The video and audio feeds for these baby monitors are accessed on your phone via an app, with a password. This allows other people on your network to access the app as well, if you choose. You and your spouse, the grandparents, or even the babysitter could connect to be able to check on your child.

Additional Features of Baby Monitors That Work With iPhones

Many smart baby monitors on the market offer features that go way beyond the standard camera. These options allow for peace of mind, convenience and even a little bit of entertainment!

Internet Connection
While pretty much all smartphone enabled baby monitors will work on your home’s Wi-fi network, there are some models of baby monitor which will also connect to the internet. This feature will actually allow you to monitor your child when you’re away from the home.

This can be convenient for new parents who have to leave their spouse and child at home to go to work, and want to keep an eye on the little one. This is also a nice feature for when parents leave their child with a babysitter, but don’t want to feel entirely disconnected. Date night can be fun and carefree, as you can take a look at your little one while you’re out on the town.

HD Camera
One of the main benefits of using your smartphone or tablet screen to view the smart baby monitor feed is that the picture can be a lot clearer than on typical video baby monitors. Most smart baby monitors actually come with an HD camera, which transmits an incredibly high quality picture.

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Of course, if you’re using your phone’s data plan, you may want to view at a lower quality. Be sure to find a model that allows you to change the picture quality transmitted, directly from the app.

Lullabies & White Noise
Many smart monitors allow you to play soothing music to your child, all controlled on your cell phone. Most models let you choose from a set of pre-loaded lullabies, though some will grant access to your personal music collection, and a few models will even let you pre-record something you can play to your child over and over!

A few apps will even let you play white noise, so if your baby is soothed by the sound of rain, or gently crashing waves, this may be an option to look at further.

Two Way Talk
Hearing and watching your child is wonderful, but being able to talk back through your phone is an incredibly convenient feature that many monitors have. Soothe your infant from afar, or give gentle reminders to your toddler remotely with two way talk features.

Photo and Video Capture
Many models will automatically take photos, or short videos, whenever noise or movement is detected in your baby’s crib. This can give parents added peace of mind, as well as a collection of memories of your child entertaining themselves in their crib, that you would otherwise not have seen.

Some models even have built in photo features, allowing you to add captions or graphics to still shots and video of your little one, making a great gift for grandparents!

Finding the Best WiFi Baby Monitor

Night Vision
Being able to see your child at night with the lights out is an important feature of a baby monitor. Most monitors these days have a night vision feature, but be sure to check the quality of the picture before purchasing.

Bluetooth Connectivity
While this is certainly not an essential feature, being able to connect the camera to Bluetooth is incredibly convenient, especially if your Wi-fi or internet connection is slow or spotty.

Battery Backup
If the power goes out, you won’t want to be without your baby monitor. Be sure the camera has a battery backup, so it can keep streaming, even if the electricity cuts out. This feature would pair well with Bluetooth, as your home Wi-fi will likely not work during a power outage.

What to Look For In a Smart Baby Monitor

Multiple Platform Support
You may not have your current phone through the duration of needing the baby monitor, so you don’t want to lock yourself in to one operating system. Unless you are entirely certain that your next phone will be a similar model, you should look for a smart baby monitor that can connect to both iOS and Android products.

Desktop App
In addition to being able to view the baby monitor feed from your smartphone, some baby monitors that work with an iPhone will also have a desktop application, or a secure streaming site. This is nice feature when you’d like to keep an eye on your little one for more extended periods of time, without draining your phone’s battery.

App Alerts
While it’s nice to be able to monitor your child constantly, the likelihood that you will want to stare at your phone all day to see if your child is crying, is pretty low. Be sure the app connected to the camera can run in the background, and will send updates to your phone when there is movement or noise in your baby’s room.

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What to Avoid When Purchasing a Smart Baby Monitor

While there are many convenient features in baby monitors that work with your phone, there can be some drawbacks if you don’t research the model carefully.

Bright Lights
One benefit of having the video and audio stream through your smartphone is that you won’t have a constant light shining on the parent unit; however, the camera might be a different story.

A bright light on the camera, whether flashing or static, may interfere with your infant falling asleep. Blue light is especially detrimental to sleep cycles, and should be avoided if possible.

A Stationary Camera
Odds are, you’re planning on placing the camera outside of your child’s crib. For ease of setup, you’ll want to make sure that the camera can be adjusted to different angles from the base. Many cameras can only be swiveled up, making placement incredibly difficult, as typically, cameras are best placed facing down towards the crib.

The camera should also be able to be adjusted via the app on either your phone, or other device, so if your child moves out of frame, you don’t need to run in and disturb their sleep, just to fix the camera.

In-App Audio Controls
There will be times when you want to check to see how your little one is doing, but you may not want audio to automatically play. Be sure the audio features allow for muting the feed on your phone, so you don’t find yourself interrupting a conference call with your baby’s cries!

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Finding the Best Baby Monitor That Works With iPhones

There are a wide variety of smart baby monitors on the market, and each one offers a unique set of features, suited for different needs. If you’d like to be able to view your child remotely, or give access to relatives and grandparents, be sure to pick a baby monitor that connects to the internet, in addition to your home Wi-fi network. You may also want to see if the model has guest access enabled, and check that multiple users can view the stream at once.

If you value privacy, be sure to purchase a camera with enhanced security features, especially if connecting the camera to the internet, and not just your home network. You will also want to lock your wireless network with a password.

Best Baby Monitors That Work With iPhones

Snug Baby Monitor

This monitor conveniently connects to an app on pretty much any device you can imagine, from iOS and Android phones and tablets, to your PC. The feed is accessible on wireless, 3G or 4G networks, giving you the convenience of checking on your baby while you’re running errands, or even while you’re at work! Notifications will run in the background, so you’ll never miss when your baby makes a noise, even if the app is closed.

This monitor has a surprising amount of features for such a reasonable price, including two way talk, night vision, the ability to play lullabies, motion and sound triggered alerts, and even an online help hub to allow you to troubleshoot any issue that may arise.

Customers do note that company representatives are difficult to actually speak to, possibly owing to the online help desk, but that everything else works wonderfully.

The app is really great. You control the camera totally from it. We are able to pan our daughter’s entire room with our phone! It also allows you to hear sound, speak into it, record, take photos and MORE. If you want a video monitor, do NOT hesitate to buy this! – Amanda

Gynoii Wireless Baby Monitor

The Gynoii wireless baby monitor not only connects to your home Wi-fi network, but can also access the internet through an ethernet cable, should you choose not to have a Wi-fi signal near your baby.

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Reviewers rave about the simplicity of setting up this baby monitor, and its ease of use. While the Gynoii Wireless baby monitor aims to simplify the experience of using a baby monitor, it is by no means short on features. Image capture features allow you to create cute, stylized images of your baby, and even time lapse films, while two way talk, white noise and lullabies allow you to comfort your baby in a variety of ways. The app works in the background, and will alert you to any noises or movement from your baby’s room, with a sensitivity that you set yourself.

Parents love the features, quality and ease of use of this camera, though some reviewers note that there is a bit more lag than they would like. All in all, parents were delighted:

Get this camera if you want hassle free and quality performance. This is the one we have been looking for and I honestly think it is the easiest camera to setup and operate that I’ve come across. – John


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