Best Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents

Finding a baby monitor for deaf parents is often a struggle. When raising an infant or toddler, a baby monitor is not just a valuable piece of equipment – it’s a peace of mind, granting you as a parent the ability to know in moments if your child is safe. Unfortunately, the traditional sound-based baby monitor poses a definite challenge amongst parents who are partially or completely deaf.

The good news is, there are products on the market specifically designed to make sure deaf parents can achieve that peace of mind as well. These products offer features such as vibrations and visual signals which allow alert deaf parents if their youngsters are making a fuss, or any number of other scenarios.

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Best Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents

Today we’re taking a look at three of the many excellent options for deaf parents on the market:

VTech DM221


  • Affordable
  • With vibration and light alerts
  • Clear audio and excellent range
  • Excellent built


  • Connection issues

The VTech DM221 boasts a five-level graphic sound indicator so deaf parents could visually monitor the level of noise in the baby’s room, not to mention the ability to alert people with hearing loss via vibration that there’s sound in your baby’s room at all.

Although this baby monitor is the most affordable in this list, there’s nothing basic about the features it offers. It comes with DECT 6.0 tech, ensuring seamless connection while preventing white noise. The DM221 also comes with a 5-level sound indicator that allows parents to monitor the noise level of the baby room visually. It also alerts deaf parents of unwanted sound by vibrating.

Parents enjoy the fact that this monitor tunes out white noise or a constant low-level lullaby, yet picks up on the slightest sound from the baby. They’re also pleased with the range, which stretches all throughout even a large house.

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However, some individuals have experienced an error in which their monitors no longer seem able to link. VTech is quite diligent about replacing these products in such a case, but it’s still something to be aware of. One Amazon reviewer loved the versatility of the Vtech baby monitor, giving the product a five-star rating:

This unit works very well for my needs. I made the purchase to monitor my aging husband through the night and during the day when I am I other parts of the house. I can hear him quite well and talk to him without being in the same room.

Graco Secure Coverage Baby Monitor


  • Excellent audio quality
  • Zero interference, impressive range
  • With vibration and light alerts
  • Includes 2 parent units
  • Great features


  • Short battery life
  • Not as durable as other baby monitoring units

The Graco Secure Coverage Baby Monitor sits comfortably at around the same rating level and price range as the VTech model, though the VTech includes one parent unit for that price and the Graco Secure Coverage Baby Monitor includes two. This too features sound indicator lights that intensify to match the level of sound in the baby’s room. There is also an optional vibrate function to alert parents suffering from hearing loss.

In addition, unlike the above other baby monitors products which occasionally may experience very mild external interference, this operates on the 900MHz frequency with no chance of interference. It impresses with its 2000 feet range, allowing deaf parents to keep an eye on the baby wherever in the home. Graco’s baby monitor also gets plus points for its secure connection and excellent audio quality.

People who have tried this product appreciate how compact and easy-to-use it is, as well as the 2000-foot range. The battery life is also said to be better than advertised! Some parents, though, seem to have found the product short-lived and in need of replacing much too soon. Also, the battery life is shorter than some baby monitors we’ve reviewed. Despite its issues, this Amazon buyer believes that his Graco baby monitor is worth a try:

I’ve had three baby monitors over the year, and this is by far the best. I’ve been using it now for a week and I can’t believe how much I like it.

Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor


  • Vibration and light alerts
  • With nightlight and lullabies feature
  • Portable design
  • Zero interference
  • Durable build
Best Cheap Baby Monitor


  • Difficult to set up
  • Expensive

The Philips Avent Philips Avent Dect Baby Monitor is all about delivering complete reassurance for deaf parents. This baby monitor boasts a five-level graphic sound indicator so that parents can visually monitor the level of noise in the baby’s room, not to mention the ability to alert deaf parents via vibration that there’s sound in the nursery at all.

Philips did a good job ensuring that the connection to the baby is safe, something that all parents need. The DECT tech ensures excellent audio quality and zero interference. The range is also great at 900 feet. This product also comes with a talkback feature and a nightlight, useful features to keep the baby calm all day and night long!

Parents enjoy the fact that this monitor tunes out white noise or a constant low-level lullaby, yet picks up on the slightest sound from their baby. They’re also pleased with the range, which stretches all throughout even a large house.

However, some individuals have experienced an error in which their monitors no longer seem able to link. VTech is quite diligent about replacing these products in such a case, but it’s still something to be aware of. One Amazon reviewer recommends the Philips Avent baby monitor because of its durability and its intuitive features that suit regular parents as well as people suffering from hearing loss:

This Philips baby monitor is probably as sophisticated as you’ll ever get from a sound-only baby monitor. It is well designed, sturdily built (a very important consideration for a baby monitor), and easy to set up and use. Overall, we have been really satisfied with this baby monitor. It meets almost all of our needs for such a device, and it’s really well made. Highly recommended.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor


  • High quality built, compact design
  • Interchangeable lens
  • Sound-activated LED lights
  • Bright, clear colored display
  • Excellent range


  • Small screen
  • Expensive

The Infant Optics DXR-8 is a hi-tech baby monitor that’s ideal for deaf parents because of its intuitive features. The monitor’s form factor is definitely sleek, compact, and pocket-friendly. It features a 170-degree viewing range and a 3.5 full-color display so deaf parents could check up on their baby visually anywhere in the home.

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On top of that, the DXR-8 comes with interchangeable lenses for a customized viewing angle. The DXR-8 is definitely feature-rich but is surprisingly user-friendly. It requires no set up at all. The camera can be tilted, panned, or zoomed in remotely using the controls. Users could also adjust the audio levels, angles, and brightness for optimum security.

For deaf parents, the DXR-8 is one of the best baby monitors to get because of its sophisticated alarm functions. It has two-way talk feature, invisible IR night vision, and sound-activated LED lights alert that will light up whenever the baby is crying. In addition, this baby monitor comes with a built-in room temperature display so you’re assured that the baby is comfortable and safe.

Other great features worth a shoutout are the long battery life, the scan mode, and screen off option. Most customers loved the DXR-8’s bevy of features and the long battery life. However, some customers say that the DXR-8’s audio becomes muffled over time. This, however, doesn’t affect the overall performance of the product. Some customers also complained of dropped signals but we did not come across this issue during testing.

The DXR-8 earned raves for its amazing quality, long battery life, and intuitive features. Although pricier than most baby monitors, the DXR-8 is worth the investment because of the hi-tech features that are not seen in products at this price point. Most of these features are perfect for deaf parents!

I AM IN LOVE! The battery life alone makes this product far far superior than any other monitor I’ve had or researched. I have recommended this monitor to every single pregnant friend or family member I come across!

How to Buy the Best Baby Monitor for You?

Not all baby monitors are created equal that’s why it’s important to know exactly what you want in a model before making a purchase. Take into account your specific needs and your personal situation before you set your heart on a specific baby monitor.

Do Your Research
Don’t jump on the first baby monitor you set your eyes on. We recommend conducting a deeper search online, find out what useful features you need and read reviews from real users. Apart from researching online, you can always ask your friends or get more information from retailers in person.

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Check the Features
Most baby monitors come with extra features but there’s no saying if a certain feature will be useful once you use it. It might be tempting to go for the most expensive unit with all the bells and whistles but we’d advise that you focus your research on monitoring systems whose features are optimized to your needs.

Go with Your Gut
If your gut tells you that a certain product won’t work for your needs, move on and look for a better product. There are hundreds of baby monitors made specifically for deaf parents and you want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you paid for.

How Baby Monitors Help Deaf Parents

What Features to Consider When Buying a Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents?

Unlike regular baby monitors, models made for hearing impaired people come with a host of specialized features to improve the safety of a baby. If you’re wondering what extra features you should look for then continue reading below:

Vibrating Alarm and Flashing Lights
Deaf parents cannot hear the cries of their babies and this can be problematic when you’re not in the nursery. Thankfully, baby monitoring tech has gone a long way, enabling parents who are suffering from hearing loss keep an eye on their baby 24/7.

Some baby monitors come with vibrating alarm, which alerts parents when the baby is in need of attention. This is the perfect baby monitor for deep sleepers because the vibrating alert is strong enough to wake you up. These baby monitors typically come with a flashing light system for added security.

Vibrating Pad
There are models that are paired with a vibrating pad or rod, which can be tucked under a pillow. This system also comes with two or more receivers, one of which will be installed in the nursery to keep tabs on the baby. When your baby needs attention, the pad or rod will shake, effectively rousing you from sleep.

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Video Display
Baby monitors with LCD screens enable parents to watch their baby at all times. This is an incredibly useful feature for deaf parents because this model allows for visual observation anywhere in the home. Some models come with a separate monitoring tablet while others feature a small display (in either colored or black and white) directly on the unit for portability. They can be pricey than other monitoring systems but they work great if you live in a large or multi-floor home!

Talk-Back Feature and Flashing Lights
Unable to go to the nursery to calm your crying baby? This monitoring system works like a traditional walkie-talkie, allowing you to talk to your baby without entering the baby room. The flashing lights alert you whenever your baby cries.

Child Care Tips for Deaf Parents

Caring for a child, particularly a newborn, when you’re suffering from hearing loss presents unique challenges for you and the baby. This might be a stressful time for new parents simply because the job requires constant vigilance when watching over the baby day in and day out. The good news is, there are so many ways to care for the baby regardless if you could hear his or her cries or not. We’ve outlined some of the best childcare tips for deaf parents below:

Try Co-Sleeping

Back in the day, deaf parents have limited choices when it comes to caring for their babies. One such choice involves co-sleeping with the children. Keeping your children close while sleeping allows you to wake up when they are fussing during the night.

Co-sleeping comes with many health benefits too. It helps alleviate stress, the baby gets more sleep, and nursing is much more convenient for you. On top of that, co-sleeping reduces the risk of SID by up to 50%. That being said, we don’t recommend sharing one bed with a newborn baby. Instead, try attaching a crib to one side of the bed closest to the mother. This arrangement offers easy access to the baby during nursing without the risk of injuring your baby while you sleep.

Use a Baby Monitor

There are cases wherein parents cannot let their babies stay in the same room that they sleep in. If such is the case, we highly recommend using a baby monitor. A baby monitor with a hi-definition camera, a bright screen, and vibration/light alerts are perfect for deaf parents. These products allow deaf parents to check up on their baby any time of the day and night. The vibration and sound-activated lights alert the parents physically and visually when the baby is crying.  As you can see, we’ve reviewed some of the best baby monitors for deaf parents, so check them out and find out which product suit your needs the best.

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Baby Proof the Home

Sounds like a no-brainer but you can never be too complacent when you’re a new parent dealing with hearing impairment. Your home should be a safe haven for you and the baby. Nothing beats the feeling of relief knowing that you can look away for a few minutes without the baby hurting his or herself while exploring the immediate surroundings.

Install baby gates, outlet covers, and drawer guards all over the house to keep your baby safe. Make sure all sharp corners are protected with edge guards so the baby won’t injure him or herself. Eliminate all choking hazards in the home. Keep cleaning products out of children’s reach and lock the doors/cabinets all the time.

Develop a Daily and Nightly Routine

Developing a routine helps a lot when taking care of the baby. Knowing your baby’s sleep schedule, setting meal times, and sticking to a sleeping schedule gives you the peace of mind knowing that the baby is getting all the rest and nutrition he or she needs in a day. At the same time, you get more rest when you work on a schedule.

A Helping Hand

Raising a child when you’re dealing with hearing loss has its unique challenges and you need all the help you can get from loved ones. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Don’t hoard all the parenting responsibilities, trust your spouse with the baby. Divide the responsibilities between yourselves and work as a unit.

Ask your close family members for help whenever needed. That includes your older kids. However, teach your older children about the importance of looking out for each other and never leave the baby alone with the kids without any adult supervision.

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