Best Baby Breathing Monitor

Becoming a new parent can be scary enough. The last thing a parent needs to worry about is breathing troubles with their newborn, which can happen. Baby’s can roll a particular way in their crib causing blankets to tangle around them causing suffocation, or an illness can occur that causes respiratory issues. One of the best ways to put your mind at ease is to use a baby breathing monitor went you put your little one down for sleepy time. It will allows you to have some peace of mind knowing that the baby breathing monitor will alert you if anything troublesome occurs. If you are wondering what the best baby monitors are, just use the guide below to help get you started with finding the right one for you and your baby.

Best Baby Breathing Monitors

Respisense Buzz Infant Breathing Movement Baby Monitor

This particular baby monitor is designed to clip onto your baby’s diaper, car seat, playpen or clothing and senses when your baby is breathing and is not. The FDA approved device will send a signal to the built in tactile stimulator anytime your baby is not breathing and start buzzing to alert the parents. However, the downside to this device is that many parents using it say it does not buzz load enough, but they do love that it is portable and ease to use. Although, parents love that it has a vibrating stimulating feature that helps wake a baby up to encourage breathing again.

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Snuza Baby Monitor Hero

When you are in need of a baby monitor that can travel with you everywhere so you can always keep track of the baby’s breathing, this particular baby monitor is the one to use. Not only is it portable, but you can clip it onto your baby’s diaper band and will monitor your baby’s breathing. If for some reason the baby-breathing monitor sensor does not detect any breathing within 15 seconds, it will activate an alarm and a stimulating vibrating sensation that helps wake your baby up and encourages them to start breathing again. Best of all, this baby monitor is made with hypoallergenic plastics and does not use radiofrequency signals. It even comes with replaceable batteries and a 1-year warranty. Most importantly, new parents who use it love it and give it a 5-star rating.

Levana Oma+ Clip-On Portable Baby Movement Monitor

The lovely white and purple colored portable baby monitor clips with ease right onto your baby’s diaper band right near their belly button. It has a sensor detecting monitoring device and always alters a parent with a buzzing noise when a baby has completely stopped moving or breathing for more than 15 seconds. Most importantly, it has a vibrating stimulating feature that helps encourage a baby to wake up and breathe if something is wrong. This battery-operated device does have a few complaints from parents, which are the monitor falls off easily, the batteries constantly need replacing and the sensor button can be turned off easily when a baby rolls. Otherwise, parents love that this device is portable, has a loud buzz for alerting and is easy to attach to a little one’s diaper.

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The Bottom Line for Best Baby Breathing Monitors
With this bit of information on the best baby monitors to checkout, you should be able to find the right one for you and your baby. Best of all, you should receive some peace of mind once you find one and start using it and so will your baby because you won’t feel the need to check on them yourself every 5-minutes.

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