Best Baby Bed That Attaches to Parents Bed

Are you thinking about getting a baby bed that attaches to your bed? If so we’ve got a few thoughts on the matter and a few ideas for products to pick.

Obviously one of the main reasons for getting a baby bed that attaches to the parents bed is knowing that your baby is right there for when it needs you. It certainly takes some of the sting out of those early morning (or late night) wake up calls if you have your baby in arms reach. There is also the added comfort of knowing that whilst you sleep your baby is secure and comfortable right next to you throughout the night.

One of the only drawbacks we’ve found is that the addition of the baby bed next to yours can use up space in what can already be the tight confines of your bedroom. If you read on though we’ll show you how some of our favorite co-sleepers get around these hassles.

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Best Co-Sleepers

Arm’s Reach Concepts Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper

This lovely co-sleeper in a cocoa color is one of our favorites and for good reason. The mesh netting on all sides means that even when you’re lying in bed you can see your little one snoozing peacefully right next to you. As well as being able to keep a close eye on your nipper, the netting also provides excellent baby breathability so your baby is kept at the right temperature right through the night. With built in leg extensions and wheels at the base of each leg you shouldn’t ever have to worry about this not being the right fit for your bedroom.

The only drawback we’ve found with this choice is the lack of portability. It’s a very well built unit which is obviously great, but if you’re looking for something you can take away with you as well then this might not be the co-sleeper for you. If this is the one for you though then you’ll usually pay around $120 from most major online retailers.

Arm’s Reach Concepts Co-Sleeper Bassinet Mini Arc

In terms of aesthetics this is much more of a mix of traditional and modern and we love it. Looking like a classic bassinet but with the added benefits of a good co-sleeper, we can’t recommend this enough. Much like the Clear-Vue, this co-sleeper has netting surrounds for extra visibility and breathability. Combining this with a traditional color and design makes this not just a practical choice but a really beautiful addition to the bedroom.

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Again much like our first option, the portability of this unit is slightly lacking. We also found that when it comes to packing it up, the fact that the buttons for breaking it down are hidden behind the fabric can make it a somewhat tricky affair. If your looking for an attractive and practical solution for the bedroom though this is a real go to. This particular option is currently available from most retailers at around $135.

Arm’s Reach Ideal Arc Original Co-Sleeper Bedside Bassinet

Now this is a really opulent number, the cream color and the quilted fabric surrounds make this a truly luxury co-sleeper for you and baby. As with the first two options there are breathable mesh sides under the outer fabric so if you want to strip it back on a hotter evening then you have that option. The extra space you get with this co-sleeper means that you can even have twins sleeping comfortably and safely just a foot away from you as you get some much needed rest.

So far our only issue with this product is that without the adjustable legs of our other choices, you really need to make sure you have the right bed for this to attach to. If you’ve done the research though and measured up before you buy then this is a real treat for baby and you both. This is the most expensive co-sleeper on our list but we think it’s worth every penny at just under $180.

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