Talking Watches for Vision Impaired

Talking watches are the best choice if you’re looking for a watch for a vision-impaired person.

Talking watches are extremely helpful for vision impaired or people with low vision – they let them easily tell the time. Since knowing what time is it is extremely important nowadays, because we all have some kind of duties and obligations to attend to, talking watches are very valuable for the blind.

Buying watches for vision impaired and people with low vision

When buying a talking watch make sure it’s loud enough and has all features that might be needed, e.g. multiple alarms during the day, hourly beep alarm, volume adjustment or that the watch announces the date as well. Also consider whether a wristwatch is what’s needed, or maybe a typical bedside clock that sits on the table will be a better choice. Make sure you are aware of the needs the person who will receive this watch before choosing and purchasing an actual clock.

Image used under Creative Commons from Thomas Leuthard

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Talking Watches for Vision Impaired

Dynamic Living Oversized Led Wall Clock

Dynamic Living Oversized Led Wall Clock is a really large clock (see the picture). Its bright red display that shows the time and date is really easy to read. If can stand up or be hung up on the wall. It allows people with low vision to easily read what time is it, although it isn’t a talking watch. Great product for elderly people with low vision and (or) dementia.

Economical Square Talking Watch

Economical Square Talking Watch is an inexpensive talking watch with an alarm (one can choose one of three different alarm sounds) It speaks time in english using female voice. It probably isn’t a watch to last many, many years, but it’s well made and does its job.

Talking Radio-Controlled Watch

Reizen Talking Radio-Controlled Watch is a stainless steel watch with a leather band. It announces time (after one touch) and date (after a second touch).

Other useful features are: hourly chime and alarm. It’s a radio-controller watch, so it sets itself and is very accurate. Since the numbers are very clear against the face (and pretty bold too), this watch is great for both blind or legally blind people and people with low vision.

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