How to save the status of others in whatsapp

The WhatsApp status has the great virtue of make our day. They are small seconds that we share with our contacts, as if it were a publication made on Facebook. Sometimes happens that they are so fast and we need to go back to repeat content.

And often, that status shared by our contacts are so interesting that we wish to keep them safe. But it is possible? Yes, it is possible and in this article you will understand perfectly how to achieve it. Thus, you can treasure those unique moments of your contacts.

This download of the status content is possible thanks to the latest update launched by Facebook, both in terms of design and in relation to algorithms with which it operates. However, we are going to need one extra help from an app to download it.

The truth is that now you will not have to record the screen or take a screenshot to obtain this status.

The strategy to follow

There is a method that allows to download the content and store it within your own smartphone. To achieve this, the first thing you must have is a file explorer. Thanks to said explorer you can identify the hidden folders that make up WhatsApp itself.

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One of the applications that can help you to carry out this action is Total Commander. When you open the explorer, you must go to the same folder of Whatsapp. Once there, We will enter a folder that is named .Statuses .

In this folder you will be able to observe all the content shared by your contacts. The trick is simplifies in copying the item that appears in the folder and then placing it in another folder. That will be a very simple process to complete, taking into account the effectiveness of this explorer.

Use other application

The Total Commander option is one of the most great and simple to “steal” that state that your contact has shared. But It is not the only option. For example, you can make use of the Status Saver app. When you open this application, it requires certain permissions related to storage.

Now, this application will take care of replicating the content you have seen on WhatsApp in a folder. From the same app you can press to save these states on your own phone . The interesting thing about this app is that it has very Lightweight.

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The app is limited simply to perform a check of the content shared and showed through WhatsApp. Since the moment a person shares a state, said content is uploaded to the cloud and then projected on your telephone. That projection is what generates a file on your phone.

Which method to choose?

Both methods are easy to use and will not require you to be a systems expert to get the states. For some users, the best option is in go to Total Commander. Their point of view is based on the fact that being a sophisticated file explorer, allows you to have an overview of the entire content that exists on your phone.

Also, Total Commander, will allow you to create folders and manage them very easily. So, you can move the files with supreme simplicity. At the moment this application has with an excellent score of 4.5 / 5 stars. Something that very few applications are capable to obtain.

Really there is much to say about this app. For example, it has an editor for internal text and a very fast search system. You can filter with just one Search all your images, gifs or videos. So if you feel it makes you one is missing, you can locate it in seconds.

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A great way to transfer and search for files

In addition, that the application has a Bluetooth OBEX functionality that
allow transferring files to or have the same app. In that
sense, it is one of the best options so that you can migrate information to
other devices.

But what else is fascinating for many users, it is the great virtue that the app has compress files. If you consider that you want to compact information in a single package and then transfer it to your PC, this is one of the best options.

From WhatsApp statuses to this application

Yes, we deviate a bit from the topic. We are not really advertising Total Commander. Because in essence there are many other file browsers on Google Play platforms Store and Apple Store. Yes, so this trick is also available for iOs phones .

It was important that you understood the magnitude of this software, so that in turn you would perceive because it is possible to obtain the states, after entering the layers of your phone from a file manager, also known as file explorers.

In fact, browsing through these files may take you more than one surprise to discover files that you considered lost. These files usually generally be cached data that your phone saves to improve the interactions you make

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