How to read deleted messages in whatsapp.

Since past year Whatsapp adds a new function that consists in delete a message writed by error. Now you have until 7 minutes to delete that message sent to the wrong chat or with a wrong text.
This new feature was an old demand from their users but with every new functionality new problems are discovered. After you receive a delete message notification you only can think in what was the real content of that message and how to read it.

Here you will find a easy way to read all that deleted messages. This works for all Android mobiles and you only need to install a small app was not designed for this mission but that solves this matter.

In this way, you could read those messages even after 7 minutes.

Until the programmers of this application find a solution for this, anyone can read a deleted message if they want

How to see the deleted messages by your contacts

The trick is use the notification history to read the message. Although the person deletes the message we could see it because the message is stored in our message notifications tray, independently that message being replaced by “this message has been deleted”.

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There are methods to recover any previous notification and to be able to carry out a record of the messages that has been sent.

This method have some limitations that must be told. There is non infalible tricks. You will need some requires to be able to read a deleted Whatsapp message:
Only works for Android 6.0 or higher
The notification must be delivered to the device
You must read that notification in some way
Whatsapp must be closed or minified
You can see only the first 100 characters from the deleted message.
You only can see text-messages

This seem so limited but anyway its a helpful tool. Now we will give you the instructions about how to access the notification records to see it..

Apps to read the notification history

The easy way to read the deleted messages is install a notifications logger.This kind of Android app save a copy of every notification you receive in your phone and all details about it.

This is a list of some of them but you can find more doing similar usabilities in Google Play:

Notification History Log

Notification History Log works in 2 ways: First is showing you the native Android log (not available for all android models) and an advanced mode where you could find all your notifications in the same way you receive it. You must grant read access to your notifications tray to make this app work.

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Notif Log notification history

Notif Log Notification History is a notification manager that give us options to manage easily our notifications tray. This app save a copy of each notification to know what is happen at any time.

Notification Log

This application will help us to know what app is sending us push notifications without authorization and keep a copy of notifications received.

After you grant access to the notifications tray, you can access to a screen similar to the next screenshot. You can see information about the app, date and hour, device owner name and under the name “android.text” the deleted WhatsApp message.

A message log will be saved in this “Android.text” field if all previous conditions applies. This apps are always actives as daemon services, to save a copy of all income notifications.

How to manage the notifications tray log without any app

If you have an Android mobile with “android one” or Nova launcher, you can access to the notifications tray in a manual way without application help.

The result will be the same we have seen for apps. To recover the notifications we must add a widget keeping pushed the screen and adding a direct access to “setup”. Once added, we can access it easily to see the different whatsapp messages even the whatsapp deleted messages

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