How to find out who’s visiting your Whatsapp profile

Whatsapp has become one of the most popular and used applications in the world and since it was acquired by Facebook this trend has increased even more, reaching 1000M people worldwide.

One of the recurring questions your users ask themselves is: Can I know who’s visiting my whatsapp profile? Just as there are techniques to verify if someone is spying on the facebook profile or the instagram profile, there are also some tricks to verify if they look at your whatsapp profile.

In whatsapp without configuring correctly are public both our profile photos and our last hour of connection. In the latest versions we will even be able to verify whether the messages we have sent have been received or read by the recipient… there are therefore those who will take advantage of these tools to gossip and control our day to day.

Who visited my whatsapp?

If you’re wondering who the hell would want to watch my whatsapp, we have to tell you THAT A LOT OF PEOPLE. Actually, based on google searches, we can ensure that visits to articles on how to spy on someone’s whatsapp are the order of the day and are counted by the thousands.

Hide your number in WhatsApp groups and other security tricks

The reality is that today there is no tool within whatsapp itself that provides us with such information. People can verify your photo and last connection with impunity.

However, there are many online solutions to help you in this respect. Watch out, many of them can result in malware with which the only thing you will get are spam problems and in the worst case of identity theft … however we present an application in google play that supposedly provides the correct information without being a real scam.

We hope this information has been helpful to you and you can verify who is visiting your whatsapp profile.

Other WhatsApp tricks that you probably didn’t know about

We take advantage of the fact that you have already found out how to solve the problem of who is watching your profile, to explain some other useful tricks. Whatsapp adds new functions for each new version, and now we have many new things to do.

Remove blue checks

If you are one of those who do not want to reveal if you have read, received or seen a message from a contact, we bring you the solution.

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If you wish, you can prevent them from being displayed by changing your privacy options to hide your status. But atention! This will prevent you from seeing other people’s checks as well.

Maybe you do not prefer stay blind for keeping that privacy.

Using a chat as toDo list

Sometimes we need a virtual fast persistent notepad where we can save the shopping list or other things. One solution we can do is to use an old chat from an ex-boyfriend or someone we don’t like.

The disadvantage of this solution is that person complains or they will end up finding out which brand of cereal is your favorite 🙂

Another solution is to create a group chat with 2 or more people, and immediately remove them from the chat. This way we will be alone and we will have a private chat for our things.

Audios in private

When we receive an audio in a conversation and we have the phone muted, many people do not know is that it is not necessary to increase the volume as the chat itself says when we click on listen.

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The solution is to bring the cell phone close to our ear, as if someone were calling us on the phone, and it will play at a certain volume so that we can listen to it in private. Also, if there is more than 1 chat in a row, they will be played in order and sequentially.

Format your messages text

Surely you have ever read the typical viral message in which there are bold, crossed out texts, etc. and you have asked yourself: How the hell do they do it? Well, it turns out that in whatsapp there is a way to format the texts.

Italic: places underscores, before and after the text: for example _hello_

Bold: places asterisks before and after the text to mark, for example it would be *hello*

Strikethrough: For the strikethrough text it is as simple as writing a ~ before and after the text, it would be ~hello~

Monospaced: To do this we will place three backticks “` before and after the text, for example “`hello“`

Swipe and quote

In some groups of many people it is chaotic to continue a conversation. Many times 2 conversations cross and we don’t know who we are answering.

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To solve it, the best solution is to quote the message we are referring to, with an action as simple as swiping to the left. And in this way, not only will the replied message be referenced, but the person who wrote said message will receive a special reply notification to know that they replied to him.

We hope that these tricks have helped you and that you can use your WhatsApp more effectively in the future. Remember to protect your profile and not give information to third parties that could compromise your privacy.

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