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If you like your coffee and tea nice and hot and you spend a lot of time on your computer, an USB mug warmer is a must-have for you.

If you like your drinks to remain hot for a long time, a USB mug warmer is a perfect gadget for you. A lot of people prefer hot drinks, but hot coffee or tea becomes cold pretty quick. Especially, if you’re in the middle of an important work on a tight schedule or you’re reading a great e-book. Those are the moments when time flies so you won’t even notice when your beverage becomes cold and awful. Because of that, you need a way to make your drinks remain warm even for a few hours. How can that be achieved? There are a few ways – you can drink your coffee (or whichever drink you want to) from a thermos, a heat-retaining mug, reheat the drink in the microwave or buy a cup warmer. Let’s talk a little about the last choice.

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Best USB Mug Warmer

Bottom line
Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer
  • Great quality
  • Affordable
  • Extra-long cord
  • Mixed results

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

Most buyers love this mug warmer because it’s compact and user-friendly. It’s very versatile too! You can use this drink warmer for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. The heating pad is large enough to fit any mug sizes and it wipes clean so clean up is a breeze. What’s more, this product comes with an extra-long cord so you can use it anywhere as well as an on/off indicator.

The quality of the product itself is excellent, considering its affordable price point. As one of the most highly rated USB powered coffee mug warmers on Amazon, Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer earned raves for its straightforward design, intuitive features, and sleek form factor.

We like the Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer because unlike other USB-powered drink warmers, this device warms our drinks quickly and efficiently. Our coffee always comes out not too hot and not too cold! However, some users feel that their drinks are not heated as hot as they like but the results are subjective. But for this Amazon user, she gave this product a five star rating for its excellent performance and convenience:

I’ve had it for several months now, using it daily, and it’s performed very well! Here is the deal with temperatures. If you place a hot cup of tea/coffee on it, it keeps it hot! Not the burn your tongue hot. If you’re like me and like sipping on tea or coffee at the office, without going to refill for a hot cup every time your liquids get cold, then you’ll be happy with this warmer.

Tips and Buying Guide

Features of USB Coffee Warmers

There are many USB coffee mug warmers on the market. You can easily find mains-powered USB mug warmers but if you’re an electronic gadget fan, a USB-powered USB drink warmer is something for you. Let’s take a look at the features of USB mug warmers:

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Ease of Use

Those beverage heaters are extremely easy to use. You just connect the device to a free USB port and it’s ready to go. You don’t need to install any drivers or something like that. When the mug warmer is plugged in you just need to push the button to turn the warming on and you’re done. After a few moments the coffee warmer’s plate should be hot.


USB powered – no mains or batteries needed! Also, those warmers work on every device that has USB ports, PCs and Mac computers included.


You can take your USB beverage heater wherever you want – it’s both small and light. If should fit into your laptop bag.

Factors to Consider

There are a few things that you should consider while buying a USB coffee warmer:

Hot Plate Diameter/Size

The cup warmer plate should be large enough to place there your favorite cup. There’s no sense in buying a beverage warmer which can’t be used to warm your most used mug.

USB Cable Length

if you’re a notebook user then the length of the USB cable won’t be an issue for you. If you, however, have a desktop computer then you should check if the length of the cable is appropriate for your needs. If the cable is to short, you might buy a USB extension cable.

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Ability to Keep the Beverage Hot

There are many USB beverage warmers on the market. Before buying one you should check customer reviews of the product and check how warm the beverage should remain according to the mug warmer’s manufacturer. A lot of USB drink warmers have one, critical disadvantage – they can’t provide that the drink will remain hot enough.

Because of that, check what people think about this particular USB mug warmer before buying it. There is also one more think that you should remember. Mug warmers aren’t manufactured to make your cold drinks hot again so you should use them with a cup of hot beverage. If the drink is cold, reheat it in the microwave.

Safety Precautions

USB coffee warmers are compact, inexpensive, and they keep your drinks nice and warm whenever! However, as with all electric-powered devices, there are certain things you need to consider before you get your own coffee warmer.

Office Use

Some USB powered drink warmers do not come with auto-shut off feature. These devices will keep your drinks warm but they will not turn off on their own and there lies the problem! If you’re using a coffee warmer in the office, it’s easy to get distracted from keeping an eye on your drink – meetings, paper work, phone calls etc.

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The fact is, there’s not a lot of coffee warmers that come with this important safety feature and those that do are not highly rated so safety is questionable. If you’re unable to find a coffee warmer with an auto shut off feature, we recommend using this device only on your breaks. This way, there’s nothing to distract you from your drink!

Home Use

Although not made for home use, USB powered drink warmers make a great addition to any home. But if you have pets, kids, or seniors in the home, it’s important to limit the use of this device to your office desk. The fact is, pets and children could easily injure themselves when they toy with this device. Always make sure the device is unplugged when not in use.

As for the elderly, they could forget about the switched drink warmer and cause damage to your home. Coffee warmers are a popular gift among older people but these devices can turn oven hot in a matter of minutes so use with caution to avoid accidents or injuries.

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