Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Kids – Ear Defenders For Children

If you have kids and are concerned about protecting their hearing from exceptionally loud noises, you should consider purchasing some isolation headphones. Many are actually made specifically for children. They can significantly reduce noise levels and preserve your child’s hearing for the years to come. They are perfect for children with sensitive hearing and those who play musical instruments at high volumes. Below, we take a look at three different isolation headphones designed primarily for kids.

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Kids

Below, we take a look at different isolation headphones designed primarily for kids.

Bottom line
Vic Firth Kidphones
  • Comfortable fit
  • Non-electronic
  • Excellent ear protection
  • Reduced noise levels by 22 decibels
  • Flimsy design
Em’s 4 Kids Hearing Protection Earmuffs
  • Perfect for small children (6 months +) and older kids
  • Lightweight
  • Not as comfortable as other headphones for children
Snug Safe n Sound Kids Earmuffs
  • Excellent noise cancellation feature
  • Blocks out crowds and other triggers
  • Fun colors
  • Brittle plastic components

Vic Firth Kidphones

These non-electric headphones are built specifically for children and are capable of reducing noise levels by about 22 decibels. Your kids will be jamming their hearts out and they won’t lose their hearing as long as they have these Vic Firth Kidphones on. This way, your child can fine-tune his musical abilities on loud instruments like the drums while retaining his hearing. They are tuned to a high frequency and the adjustment band can be customized for your child’s unique head shape. They really do enclose the full ear. They also look quite stylish, so your youngster won’t mind donning them when rocking out with his band buddies or when attending a loud public event like a football game.

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In terms of complaints, a few parents have noted that their kids can still hear them while wearing the Vic Firth Kidphones. Some will interpret this as a weakness while others might actually like the fact that they can still conduct a conversation with their child while he is wearing these isolation headphones. Although it is a superficial complaint, some have claimed that the packaging is underwhelming.

The headphones come in an unsealed clam shell style casing so it appears as though someone has already used them before you actually open them. Others have stated that the plastic on the top has poor craftsmanship. A few parents have stated that these headphones don’t reach the ears on kids who have especially large heads. Some have said that the construction is flimsy and not sturdy enough for reckless children who tend to break whatever they get their hands on.

As far as performance goes, one user called these headphones a lifesaver for children with hearing and sensory disorders.

I would recommend this product to every parent of an autistic child with sensitive hearing and sensory issues. This was wonderful at our trip to Disneyland. They fit great and he wore them for 12 hours straight.

Em’s 4 Kids Hearing Protection Earmuffs

These isolation headphones retail for around $25. They are designed for kids 6 months and older. They are very lightweight, sturdy and reliable. Em’s 4 Kids Hearing Protection Earmuffs come in three colors: Silver, pink and blue. You can fold them up and they’ll fit right into the palm of your hand so that you can take them with you on the road as you cart your child off to his band practice. They can be used in all sorts of loud environments, whether it is a car race, band practice or a sporting event. On average, they reduce 21 decibels.

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While it might take your child a bit of time to become comfortable wearing these earmuffs, he’ll eventually take to them. While they don’t block out all sound, they do prevent your child’s ears from being harmed. They remain firmly in place on your child’s head even if he is running or dancing.

Some have stated that their child can hear them clearly when they wear these headphones. A few have criticized these earmuffs for being a bit too bulky. They also cause the ears to sweat as well. A few have mentioned that you have to have them on the head just right to prevent sound from coming through. Some kids will struggle to unfold them properly and apply them to their head without parental assistance. An Amazon reviewer loved Em’s children’s earmuffs for their snug fit:

These headphones are amazing! They are a great size and snug against the head but I’ve tried them on myself and they don’t pinch and are not tight feeling. Just snug enough to seal off the ears.

Snug Safe n Sound Kids Earmuffs

These isolation earmuffs run between $10 and $13. There is an adjustable band that allows them to be worn by both kids and adults. So they can be used in noisy environments like shopping malls or during loud sports like hunting.

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They come with a 5 year warranty and are very lightweight. They can be easily folded for transportation purposes. There are also padded cushions on the ears and a nice headband that really makes these headphones quite comfortable even when worn for hours on end. They have a low profile clam style that keeps the ear covers firmly against the ears and out of the way.

Parents far and wide testify that the Snug Safe n Sound Kids Earmuffs are fantastic isolation headphones. They really do reduce sound.In terms of complaints, there aren’t many. Some have stated that the band is built with a hard plastic that presses a bit too tightly against the head. They feel ideal on smaller heads. A few have said that the Snug Safe n Sound Kids Earmuffs break after minimal use. Others have reported that these earmuffs block out a variety of noises except for deep bass sounds. An Amazon reviewer, in particular, loved the performance of these headphones:

“My granddaughter has autism and she is very sensitive to loud noises. We just love them! She wears them both inside and outside. She absolutely loves to wear them during thunderstorms”

More Facts About Noise-Cancelling Headphones for Kids

How Noise Cancelling Headphones Work?

Who Needs Noise-Cancelling Headphones?

Kids born with autism or auditory processing disorder are extremely sensitive to loud noises. Background noises can also cause anxiety and distraction, which causes kids to struggle processing information.

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Noise-cancelling kids’ headphones help block outside noise especially in loud spaces. These headphones are designed specifically to lower the decibel rate of background noises without blocking certain sounds, such as your voice when speaking to the child. This way, your child can still hear when being spoken to. Noise-cancelling headphones for kids are also smaller in size than a standard, adult-sized headphones, ensuring a comfortable fit. In addition, these products work for infants too!

These headphones will come extra handy in the mall, room with echoes, loud, noisy streets, airports, concerts and other venues where multiple convos or loud music can be heard.

Types of Noise-Cancelling Headsets

Noise-cancelling headsets come in two types, on the ear and over the ear headphones. Let’s learn how each one differs from the other and what other factors you should consider:
On the Ear Kids Headphones
These headsets go over the exterior of a child’s ears so they are comfortable and effective in terms of filtering background noise. Typical on-the-ear headphones come with a volume control. This feature helps users increase or decrease the volume conveniently.
Over the Ear Kids Headphones
These headsets come with ear cups that cover the whole ear. Because of the coverage, over the ear headphones block out unwanted noise. These headsets also come with lower volume setting. The only downside is that these headsets can get warm because of the poor airflow. This means, these headphones can get uncomfortable during extended use.

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Should You Invest on Noise-Cancelling Headphones?

Some children are more sensitive to sounds than others. A little peace and quiet is important if your child is suffering from auditory processing disorders. Some situations makes external noise hard to filter. Below are some of reasons why you should invest on noise-cancelling headphones for your children:
Protecting Developing Ears
Babies, toddlers, and young children are more susceptible to hearing damage and auditory problems. That’s because their ears are still developing. Children’s ears are so sensitive that they can hear up to 20 decibels louder than adults so protecting their ears from damaging sounds is a must. Unfortunately, hearing damage is irreversible. Once the damage has been done, no treatment can restore a child’s perfect hearing.
Sensory Breaks
It’s easy for a child to be overwhelmed by excessive sounds but unfortunately, sensory overload is inevitable at some point. You can reduce the risk of a sensory meltdown by using noise-cancelling headphones. Just bring a pair of noise-cancelling headphones whenever you and your child are heading out to block out unwanted noise.
Incite Calmness
Some kids get nervous or uneasy when exposed to an unfamiliar place or situation. Loud, unpleasant sounds could stress out a child and rigger an outburst. A pair of noise-cancelling headphones soothes frazzled nerves. They reduce grating sounds that could upset a child suffering from sensory problems.
Enhance Mental Focus
Loud sounds can be distracting for children suffering from auditory processing disorders. With a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, your child can focus on learning. The headphones can filter background noise to ease listening problems and enhance mental focus.
Important Kids Headphone Features to Consider
Volume Control
Most noise cancelling headphones for children have a volume range of 85 decibels. However, there are times when louder noises have to be blocked. Children headsets with a volume control can filter out greater ambient noise in certain situations.
Headband Size
Most noise cancelling headphones for adults come with adjustable headbands to fit children. But, opt for headsets that are designed for kids to get a perfect fit. Most adult-sized noise-cancelling headsets cannot fit a baby or a toddler’s head.
Audio Jack
Virtually all noise-cancelling headsets for kids come with a standard 3.5mm audio jack. This size will fit most types of mobile devices, including laptops, smartphones and tablets. Get a pair of kids headset with compatible audio jack so you can use your mobile devices when needed.
Ear Cup Size
Adult-sized noise-cancelling headsets have larger ear cups that won’t fit a small child’s ears. Even those ear buds offered on airplanes do not fit children hears. Save yourself the frustration of dealing with a meltdown. Use noise-cancelling headsets made specifically for children. These headsets come with smaller ear cups than adult sized headsets.
Noise Cancelling Features
It’s hard to find true noise cancelling headsets for children. But, we’ve outlined some of the best noise-cancelling headsets for kids in this article, some of which can block out loud and ambient noises.

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A pair of noise-cancelling headphones works great for children suffering from auditory disorders. Being selective in the type of headsets to get may reduce meltdowns and stressed among sound-sensitive kids. We hope that this review has been helpful in your search.

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