Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds under $100 in 2018

Technology plays such a key role in our lives today, it’s hard to imagine traveling, commuting, or even going on a jog without having a playlist or podcast ready to go. Noise canceling earbuds are the perfect way to enjoy podcasts, music, or just silence, without the distractions of traffic noises, or chatter. Many of the well-known brands can cost well over $100, but there are certainly noise canceling earbuds for under $100 to be found.

The fact is, there are notable noise-canceling headphones that suit every budget and a variety of needs. We’ve already outlined the best noise-canceling headphones for every budget. Our extensive guide covers products within the $50, $100, $200 range.

Do note that most noise-canceling headphones are wireless, and pair with your device using Bluetooth technology, allowing for more freedom of movement. Additional features can include a microphone for making calls or recording notes with the headphones in, and adjustable settings, so you can find the perfect level of bass.

Athletes will want to look for a noise canceling earbud that is wireless, and also waterproof with a good stabilization system, to prevent the earbuds from falling out. Commuters and frequent airline travelers will want to look for a model designed to cancel out low, droning noises. Students might be the most price-conscious of the group, opting to forego fancier features for a more attractive price tag.

Fortunately, there’s a pair of affordable noise canceling earbuds to suit any needs. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, an avid fitness enthusiast, or a student simply looking for a way to drown out distractions while studying, we are listing the best noise-canceling earbuds under $100:

Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds under $100

E610 Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds


  • The unit can be recharged with a USB cord – no batteries to replace!
  • Noise cancellation works with low-frequency noises – trains, planes, the subway, etc.


  • High-frequency noises like chatter, office machines or household sounds are not canceled
  • Designed primarily for Apple devices, with limited compatibility for Android devices

The E610 Active noise-canceling earbuds are a pair of in-ear headphones with in-line microphone. The headphones are light, compact and they fit perfectly thanks to their ergonomic design. The earphones are made in part with memory foam to provide a stable, secure fit.

The E610 Active noise-canceling earbuds are great for the daily commuter or business traveler. They’re perfect for music, audiobooks or podcasts listening. The battery on the active noise cancellation component lasts 25 hours on one charge. But the earbuds will still function as regular headphones, without the noise canceling unit. The longer battery time is truly worth a mention! With 25 hours of playing time in a single charge, you can enjoy your fave tunes during long trips.

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The noise-canceling feature is designed to work with low-frequency sounds. These include large machinery, trains, and planes. During testing, the E610 neutralize ambient sounds effectively. In fact, the noise-canceling feature of the E610 is similar to higher end headphones! The built-in mic neutralizes wind noise too.

That said, higher frequency noises like talking or ringing phones are not canceled as effectively. This means the earbuds are not recommended for noise-canceling at home or in the office.

The audio quality is just as great. The bass is rich and thunderous, the higher notes sounded crisp and clear. If you’re a true blue audiophile looking for a great pair of earphones for music listening, this is a great product to check out. Since it offers hands-free operation, you don’t have to keep tinkering the settings. The three-button remote lets you control the volume or play/pause music tracks. You can also choose or skip a certain track using the remote!

Some users noted that these headphones were designed for use with Apple devices. This means certain features are not available to all platforms.

These noise-canceling earbuds are great road warriors in search of affordable headphones. The noise-canceling feature is effective in blocking unwanted noises. They’re travel-friendly and light so they won’t take much room in your bag. This Amazon user says the E610 was the perfect travel companion:

Comfortable, good sound and build quality. And for the noise cancelling, I used it for the first time on the plane, it shuts off a lot engine noise, works GOOD on the plane. Perfect for airline travel!

The E610 Active noise-canceling earbuds impress with their effective noise canceling feature. Their long battery life and hands-free operation make music listening even more enjoyable.

Canbor Bluetooth Earbuds


  • Several settings to control bass levels
  • In-ear call alerts with voice commands
  • Microphone for making calls with earbuds in


  • Difficulty in canceling low, loud noises

These affordable, noise-canceling earbuds offer premium features for far less than $100. Engineered to create an excellent listening environment in areas with high ambient noise, these in-ear headphones feature a miniature microphone in each earpiece that picks up ambient noise (such as traffic, air-handling systems, etc.).

The comfortable, Bluetooth headphones do not require a connection to your device. However, it must remain attached to each other for added stability. Incoming calls are announced through the earbuds, with a prompt to either accept or decline the call, using voice commands.

The Canbor Bluetooth earbuds get plus point for its innovative design. The flexible silicone in-ear design latches onto the ears perfectly, offering a secure fit. The earbuds are perfect when you’re working out or you’re traveling. The Canbor Bluetooth earbuds offer Bluetooth connectivity with the signal reaching up to 33 feet. The earbuds can support up to two devices at the same time. The product also comes with a voice prompt notification so you won’t miss calls. The seamless integration is another feature worth mentioning. The Canbor Bluetooth earbuds are compatible with Apple and Android mobile devices.

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Other positives include the exceptional battery life. This device offers 8 hours of talking or playing time (or up to 250 hours of standby time) on a single charge. The multiple settings allow for varying levels of bass.

Users noted that the headphones tended to reduce background noise, as opposed to canceling it out. But the earbuds worked very well in canceling household and office noises. Feedback for these noise canceling earbuds is overwhelmingly positive. Only a handful of users noted the occasional difficulty with pairing the headset to a device.

These earbuds are perfect for the student on-the-go. The unit provides a premium quality noise canceling feature even in busy common areas. They’re quite a bargain for 100 bucks. This user left a glowing review on Amazon, raving about the product’s seamless integration and sound quality:

These headphones are great! The packaging they come in gives an air of elegance which is supported by their high performance. I gave them a good test by pairing them first with my Bluetooth Soundbar in order to watch a movie so I could really test the sound quality. I was not disappointed!

The Canbor Bluetooth earbuds offer impressive audio quality and noise-cancellation capability. The extra features make the Canbor Bluetooth earbuds a steal!

TaoTronics TT-EP002 Noise Cancelling Headphones


  • Feature-rich
  • Great noise-canceling capabilities
  • Excellent bass performance
  • Crisp, clear audio quality
  • Long battery life & travel-friendly


  • Earbud size runs small
  • Hissy microphone

We can always depend on TaoTronics to come out with budget-friendly yet high-performing noise-canceling earbuds! TaoTronics’ TT-EP002 model is perfect for music lovers who love discreet, portable headphones that deliver dynamic sound. The headphones boast an active noise-canceling functionality that minimizes outside noise by up to 25dB. The set also comes with several useful features for an immersive auditory experience. These features include the monitoring mode, built-in MEMs noise-canceling microphone, and active noise-canceling slider all wrapped up in a handsome aluminum form factor.

We love TT-EP002’s compactness and its many features. For under 100 bucks, you are getting a lot of hi-tech features seen on higher-end earbuds. The long battery life is also worth a shout out. A single charge lasts up to 15 uninterrupted hours of playtime, perfect if you are on a long commute or a long-haul flight!

As for the performance, the TT-EP002 is easy on the ears. The earbuds fit comfortably, which is a great thing if you’re planning to listen to your favorite tracks for hours on end. Its noise-cancellation feature is really good. It won’t make the world completely silent but it cuts environmental noise significantly. Activating the monitoring code is helpful if you don’t want to miss important alarms. The TT-EP002’s integrated MEMS noise-canceling microphone works great. The transmission is smooth and crisp. The sound quality is clear and defined. The bass packs a punch so the TT-EP002 is the perfect choice for bass-heavy tunes.

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Users loved the ergonomic design and efficient noise-cancellation capability of the TT-EP002. However, most users say the microphone is prone to hissing in a windy background. Also, the size of the earbuds themselves run small so those some users say the earbuds won’t stay on. This satisfied customer raved about the TT-EP002’s excellent noise-canceling capabilities.

I love these noise cancelling corded headphones. With the noise canceling, I got a great quality sound and it blocked the sound out. I wish I had these in college and when I had roommates!

The TT-EP002 is a set of feature-rich earbuds that brings together excellent audio quality, great noise-canceling capability, and an eye-catching design. With a long battery life, the TT-EP002 is a great set of headphones to get when taking a long commute!

Cowin HE8D Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Earbuds


  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Excellent noise canceling feature
  • Lightweight and comfortable fit
  • High fidelity, HD sound
  • Sweat-proof and moisture-resistant


  • The noise-canceling feature cannot be switched off
  • Minor design issues

The Cowin HE8D is a set of Bluetooth-enabled in-ear headphones with an active noise-canceling feature. The earbuds are lightweight, comfortable, and durable. Cowin is as about presentation with this one, the HE8D comes with a synthetic leather carrying case and a USB charger. It also comes with several ear tips for a perfect fit. The HE8D is sweat-proof so it’s a great set of earbuds to use while working out or during an extra sweaty commute.

As far as performance goes, the HE8D delivers true HD, hi-fi audio thanks to its powerful 1.57 inches driver. The headphones are also fitted with LCP or liquid crystal polymer so they can handle heavy tracks with relative ease. The sound quality is excellent. The audio is clear and dynamic. The bass is rich and powerful without overwhelming the tracks.

The noise-canceling feature works like a charm. It can block ambient noise with ease regardless of the volume level. The HE8D is able to cancel noise up to 28dB at 20Hz-2000Hz. Although the HE8D does a great job of reducing outside noise, it won’t block ambient sound completely. It delivers an immersive listening experience yet you’re still aware of what’s happening around you. We love that the HE8D is sweat-proof and generally moisture-resistant. These features add to the longevity of the product.

One thing we noticed is that you cannot turn off the noise-canceling feature at all. It’s a built-in feature so the HE8D blocks out ambient noise regardless of the situation. In addition, the earbuds are attached to their components via a small wire. This design isn’t the most convenient just because of the components hanging on the earbuds themselves. This user was impressed by the HE8D’s overall performance and noise-canceling capabilities:

Based on all the good reviews here, I bought one for myself and it did not disappoint (sic) me at all. Noise isolation is great. I have an open office so I can usually hear a lot of other people which can be annoying and distracting, these block out most of the noise. I like the style and the sound quality of this headphone. I would recommend this for someone who needs this kind of headphones.

Overall, the HE8D delivers cutting-edge noise canceling feature. The overall quality and built of the HE8D is impressive. It’s made to last. There were minor design issues but this doesn’t affect the performance of the earbuds themselves.

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TaoTronics TT-EP01 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones


  • Excellent noise-canceling feature
  • Stylish, contemporary design
  • Perfect fit, comfortable use


  • Flimsy plastic components
  • Weak bass

The TT-EP01 headphones by TaoTronics Active are in-ear headphones that boast of full audio playback. It also neutralizes distracting background noise by up to 30dB. TaoTronics understands that not all ears are created equal and that’s the reason why the TT-EP01 comes in different sizes. In fact, the TT-EP01 comes with extra earpiece buds and hooks to achieve the perfect fit.

The product works as advertised. We tested the TT-EP01 for music listening and calls – performance was impressive for the price. The sound quality is crisp, clear, and rich. Activating the noise canceling feature, the TT-EP01 is able to block unwanted sounds with ease, even a noisy plane engine!

TT-EP01 makes the perfect travel companion. It offers high fidelity sound in a portable design. Its long-lasting, rechargeable batteries mean longer, more enjoyable listening experience. If you hate bringing extra batteries for your earphones, the TT-EP01 got you covered. This headphone set is fitted with 140mAh battery, which yields about 15 hours of continuous sound. If you’re traveling or you’re off to a long commute, you’ll love TT-EP01’s solid performance.

The sleek, portable design means the TT-EP01 looks good when worn and it won’t take too much space in your backpack while traveling. The in-ear headphones themselves are made from lightweight aluminum alloy. That means the headphones are quite durable and not as fragile as they look. We’re loving the contemporary shape of the TT-EP01 as well as the gold accent color that gives the product a stylish yet fun design.

The only caveat is that the plastic components do feel light and flimsy. They don’t ruin the overall look of the headphones but these components are probably the first to break down at some point. The bass is also weaker than most headphones but the clarity is exceptional. For this Amazon user, the TT-EP01 offers refined style and hard-to-beat audio quality for the price:

It’s a noise canceling earphone which actually works. You know, it’s hard to find a NC earphone actually works at this price. Earphone is in really good quality. You will feel that it actually looks really simple and refined with simple metal casing and lighting.

These well-priced in-ear headphones offer fantastic performance and a stylish design that’s sure to elevate your listening experience.

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Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23


  • Significantly reduces office, commuter, and airplane noise
  • Great for watching movies, or listening to podcasts and audiobooks while traveling
  • Microphone for making calls with earbuds in


  • Music sounds slightly tinny when noise-canceling is active

Audio Technica aims to bring a high end feel to affordable noise-canceling earbuds. The set comes with several pairs of foam tip pairs as well as a blue coil extender. The extra earpiece rubber tips are available in small to large so there’s something for everyone. An earphone case ensures that your ATH-ANC23 is always on hand, ready for another adventure.

The ATH-ANC23’s noise-canceling feature works best with continuous noises. It can block traffic or train noises as well as minimize engine noise with ease.

These earbuds are so comfortable, they can even be used to cancel out noises while the wearer is sleeping! Because the earphones come with three different earpiece rubber tips, you’ll get the best, most comfortable fit. It’s like having your own set of customized earphones.

And speaking of noise canceling, the brand says that the ATH-ANC23 can block up to 90% of background noise. After testing, we can say that the product does a great job of reducing ambient sound. The secret? The ATH-ANC23 generates a noise-canceling wave that neutralizes unwanted sounds.

The built-in microphone allows for talking on the phone with the earbuds in as well. The unit’s battery can last for a month with moderate usage, which is a plus if you don’t want to have to remember to charge yet another device every day.

The sound quality is great too. We’re convinced that the ATH-ANC23 is best used for music listening as opposed to taking calls. That said, the music tends to sound a bit tinny through these earbuds, especially the higher tones. The cord is also shorter and a little bit stiffer than others on the market, which could be a pro or a con, depending on the user’s preferences!

However, movies, podcasts, and audiobooks all stream with excellent clarity and quality. For the price, these earbuds are definitely worth a second look. This goes especially for frequent travelers who need to use their devices in noisy airports and while commuting.

We wish that the headphones come with rechargeable batteries. The convenience is something that road warriors will appreciate. That said, a regular double AAA battery yields about 20 hours of non-stop music listening. A single battery should be enough for a lengthy travel just make sure you bring extras! According to this satisfied customer, the ATH-ANC23’s audio quality is a cut above the rest:

I absolutely love these headphones! I can hear hidden sounds in tracks I’ve been listening to for years.

The ATH-ANC23 offers an impressive balance of functionality and affordability. It offers effective noise-cancellation and active noise reduction features block ambient noise!

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Best Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Looking for a portable set of earbuds that you can tote around while on the commute? We’ve outlined some of the best noise canceling earbuds with Bluetooth capability.

The Canbor Bluetooth earbuds are perfect for those who need a set of budget-friendly Bluetooth earphones. The Canbor Bluetooth earbuds offer a bevy of extra features including voice commands and bass controls. We love how these affordable earbuds could support two devices at the same time. The earbuds’ noise-canceling feature works like a charm too! The design is pretty sleek and eye-catching thanks to the brushed metal components.

The Cowin HE8D is one of the highest rated noise-canceling Bluetooth earbuds on this list for a reason. It syncs wirelessly to any mobile device with ease! The range is fantastic too. The HE8D is not only affordable; it also delivers amazing HD sound. Its noise-canceling feature is also one of the best on our list. It can block ambient noise with ease regardless of the volume level although you cannot switch the feature off. If you’re looking for a set of moisture-resistant earbuds, one that can keep up with your active lifestyle, the HE8D is your best bet!

Tips and Buying Guide: Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds under $100 in 2018

What’s the Difference Between Noise Cancelling and Noise Isolation?

If you’ve been searching for a nice pair of noise-canceling headphones then you might’ve come across products with “noise isolating” features. The terms “noise canceling” and “noise isolation” are often mistaken from one another but the features work quite differently. Both features aim to reduce ambient sound significantly.

Noise Canceling Feature

Noise canceling headphones blocks outside noise by canceling out actual sound waves using a device that generates inverse sound waves. Headphones with noise canceling capabilities work great when it comes to reducing car engine sounds, airplane engine sounds, air conditioners, and other types of droning sounds. Noise-canceling headphones do not muffle midrange sounds, such as voices, baby cries, etc.

Noise Isolation Feature

Noise isolation blocks noise by physically cutting down ambient sound. Headphones with noise isolation work like a physical barrier that seals the ear shut from offending sounds. These products do not block unwanted sounds completely but ambient sounds are reduced significantly. Most noise-isolation headphones (in-ear and on-ear) are notoriously uncomfortable because of the way the products were designed.


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