Best Dubstep Headphones

Whether you’re looking for your super bassy bass collection or low level of bass beats, you need a good pair that lets you listen to dubstep in its true form. Stop looking at overpriced and over-hyped gears.

Here’s an in-depth guide to choosing comfortable dubstep headphones that offer great sound quality. Read it, and you will be able to easily pick a high-quality pair of headphones that brings out all the energy that dubstep music has. And all of that for a price that doesn’t break the bank. If you already own a pair of headphones you’re pretty satisfied with but you would love to get more out of them consider buying an amplifier instead of buying a new pair.

Best Bass Headphones for Under $50

If you’re looking for a good pair of headphones while on a budget, check out the models listed below. While obviously, they won’t give you the best possible quality of sound, they’re among the best in this price range.



  • Great bass
  • Travel-friendly


  • Lack of balance – emphasis on lows; mids and highs not that good

When it comes to inexpensive headphones with amazing bass Sony MDRXB400/GRN is one of the top choices. These on-the-ear headphones provide really great bass (as many reviewers have confirmed). For some people, especially audiophiles, this might be a downfall as MDRXB400/GRN lack a bit of balance. Since they put that much emphasis on lows (bass), mids and highs aren’t that great.

That being said, if you consider yourself an average music listener this small lack of balance shoudn’t be an issue and most likely you won’t even notice it. Other than that, they’re lightweight, comfortable and fold flat in case you’d want to take them with you while traveling. They’re available in a few colors. Here’s a quote form one of the buyers on Amazon:

I just got these and can’t believe how wonderful they are. I was looking for better bass than what I was getting from another set that advertised extra bass. There is no comparison.

AmazonBasics Lightweight On-Ear Headphones


  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Good audio quality


  • Flimsy plastic construction
  • Tight fit
  • Ear cups prone to warming up

AmazonBasics promises to take you to audio wonderland with its lightweight on-ear headphones. It’s a basic set of headphone with a no-nonsense design and padded ear cups. The pressure-relieving ear cups rest comfortably on the ears, perfect for extended use. Also, the ear cups create a tight seal that prevents audio leakage. The cushioned ear pads also block ambient noise so you can focus on your favorite tracks.

The headphones are made with rigid plastic with reasonable flex to them. The ear cups do swivel and they rotate smoothly. The padding of the cups are made from neoprene. Using the headphones for several hours could be uncomfortable for some. The ear cups have a tendency to warm up. Also, since the headphones are made from thin plastic, durability is an issue. These aren’t the kind of headphones that are made to last. It’s also worth noting that the headband size is on the small size. Those with larger heads can expect a tight fit using the AmazonBasics headphones.

If you love options, we are happy to report that the AmazonBasics headphones come in three colorways. They’re available in basic black, blue, and white.

The overall design of the AmazonBasics headphones is sleek, slim, and portable. It’s the kind of headphones you can take while travelling. The ear cups swivel and fold flat.
Inside the headphones, it’s fitted with 36 mm dome-type driver unit to deliver crystal clear audio. The mids and treble are decent while the bass is rich. The audio is surprisingly clean and crisp. Now, you really cannot expect studio-quality audio with budget headphones. But for the price, the AmazonBasics headphones are a great choice.

I am incredibly impressed with these headphones. I have tested various types of music and movies with them, and they perform incredibly across a wide range of frequencies. The bass is defined, and the highs are full as well.

Looking for a set of budget-friendly headphones? The AmazonBasics headphones make a fantastic option for casual listening. The design is quite simple but the audio quality is surprisingly good.

Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones


  • Great sound quality
  • Great bass response
  • Affordable
  • Larger ear cups


  • Flimsy construction
  • Headband is too rigid
  • Ear cups prone to warming up

Yes Sennheiser is known for its fancy studio-quality headphones but the brand offer affordable options too! The HD 202 II is a DJ-style headphone with closed, semi-circumaural stereo design. The headphones are made from rigid plastic. The design is pretty underrated and it goes with the basic black color scheme. The ear cups are larger so the audio is kept focused. Using the HD 202 II, the fit is comfortable enough. The plastic construction is a little too stiff so the fit might be somewhat tight for some. But once the headband rests on your head, the fit is stable.

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This model is designed for optimum bass response. The HD 202 II features light turbine diaphragms that deliver crisp bass and clear audio. Thanks to its powerful neodymium magnets, the audio quality is consistent even at higher levels. The bass range is quite great. The bump in the bass hits round 90Hz, adding a little kick to your favorite tunes. The mids performance is great too. There is a slight over-emphasis in the mid but overall, the sound quality is great.

The treble is a little inconsistent. It delivers underemphasized and artificial-sounding treble. The poor treble range affects the details of the vocals. The audio registers as hissy at some point. On the plus side, the distortion performance is great. Despite the poor treble, harmonic distortion is kept at acceptable limit.

This model does not come with active noise isolation but the large cups do offer passive isolation. It’s not the best headphones to get if you’re in a noisy environment. There is a little noise leakage but it’s very minimal.

Some of the best headphones I’ve ever used. The sound on these is amazing – good amount of bass without there being too much. I’m not one of those people who likes a ton of bass in their sound, so I was a little worried at first that these might be too bass heavy, but as soon as I got them my mind was put at ease.

The HD 202 II delivers surprisingly great audio quality for the fraction of the cost. The no-frills design and affordable price tag belie its excellent bass response.

Best Dubstep Headphones for Under $100

Below you can find headphones that are in the middle of the pack. These aren’t the cheapest ones but also not the top notch choices out there. For most people, this price range is optimal as these are really good headphones and unless you consider yourself an audiophile, these should be good enough for you. Obviously, if you’re looking for the absolute top quality choosing headphones that cost over $100 is the way to go.

Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor Headphones


  • Durable construction
  • Impressive audio quality
  • Great bass and midrange performance
  • Perfect for studio use


  • Sound leakage
  • Ear cups prone to warming up

The MDR range was first introduced in the 80s as an entry level model for professional headphones by Sony. Since its introduction, the MDRV6 has been one of the most popular models from this range.

The Sony MDRV6 is a set of foldable headphones designed for travel and professional field recording. The overall design of the MDRV6 is similar to the MDR-7506. It features a chunky headband covered with a faux leather material. The earpieces are elongated and sizable. The cups are covered with a supple leather-like material and encased in the metal covering. Holding the MDRV6, it has a luxurious heft that gives the impression of durability.

This specific model is popular among DJs, music producers, and even YouTube influencers. These are circum-aural headphones that offer a perfect fit around the ears. The ear cups are padded for comfortable music listening. The extra padding also focuses the audio to the ears, while reducing leakage.

As far as sound quality goes, the MDRV6 offers industry standard audio quality. The headphones are fitted with rock neodymium magnets and 40mm drivers. These components ensure thunderous, detailed, and powerful audio quality. These headphones are perfect for sound recording and editing because of the clarity.

The MDRV6 offers a wide frequency response so it reproduces more sound than normal headphones. This makes the MDRV6 a must for mixing. These headphones offer great fidelity across the range. The bass is punchy, never flat. The lows are a bit tight but the audio is quite pleasant to listen to, overall. The sub-bass response surpasses expectations. The low rumble always sounds controlled and accurate. The midrange and treble performance are worth a mention too. The midrange sounds a little recessed. The treble sounds prominent with great tonal coloration. Clarity and detail are quite good!

The MDRV6’s design is basic, yes but the audio impresses. We feel that these are the kinds of headphones that focus more on audio quality rather than flashy design. And that’s a good thing! It’s also worth noting that the speakers are sensitive. No need to crank up the volume to listen to your favorite tracks.

As for the downsides of using the MDRV6, the cushioned ear cups have the tendency to warm up. These headphones aren’t ideal for extended use unless you’re okay with sweaty ears! In addition, the MDRV6 is prone to sound leakage. Not the best headphones to use if you’re in a quiet place and you don’t want to bother people around you with your music.

The best headphones I have ever worn. I came across these in a store and tried them on… they changed my life. I didn’t know it was possible for headphones to be this comfortable. I promise that you will never be disappointed with these. They’re better than some $200 sets and more comfortable than most Bose headphones

Don’t let its plain Jane design fool you. The MDRV6 is a fantastic set of cans for serious music fans. These headphones impress with their clarity, bass, and midrange performance.



  • Great bass response without overpowering mids and highs
  • Comfortable


  • Leaks some sound to the outside

These over-the-ear headphones are among the best choices in this price range. JVC HARX900 offer great quality of sound and deep bass sound reproduction, which is what you’re most likely looking for. Besides offering great sound quality they’re also comfortable even for long time use.

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As with most over-ear headphones, they are quite bulky which might be important if you consider taking them with you while travelling. They are okay in the noise reduction (reducing outside noises) department. When it comes to leaking sound to the outside, a few people mentioned that these headphones leak sound which might be important if you plan to use them in an area where being quiet is required (like a library).Here’s what one of the reviewers on Amazon wrote about these headphones.

These things have a good deal of bass that bumps but doesn’t overpower the mids or highs. If you’re coming from a cheap pair of headphones, you’ll hear details you’ve never heard before. And if you’re listening to low-quality mp3s with bitrates lower than 192kbps, you’ll probably hear details you wish you didn’t.

Sony MDR7506 Professional Headphone


  • Durable construction
  • Impressive mid range performance
  • Portable, compact design
  • Balanced audio


  • Non-swappable cable

The Sony MDR-7506 is a mid-range professional headphones loved by sound engineers for years. This model was first introduced in the 90s and it’s been a studio staple ever since. The MDR-7506 features a classic closed-back design and a rugged exterior. The ear cups are padded with foam and covered with supple leather material. The headband is also covered with a leatherette material. The fit is quite comfortable so the MDR-7506 is perfect for extended use. The headphones are quite robust and durable. These cans could take quite a beating. It’s not fragile at all.

The Sony MDR-7506 comes with 40mm driver unit, able to deliver high-quality sound reproduction. The headphones are also fitted with a neodymium magnet for impressive power handling. The MDR-7506 offers a wider frequency response. It’s a great set for casual users and studio pros alike. This headphone set shines in terms of clarity. The sound signature of this model is bright and the audio is crystal clear. The midrange performance is great!

However, the bass isn’t as impressive. The low ends aren’t as punchy and feel flat for some reason. This goes especially for busy songs. The cable is non-swappable and it’s a bit too long for most users.

The MDR-7506 is best for live sound and on-site recording. It’s also perfect for intense music listening. These headphones deliver balanced loudness between the left and right speakers, which is another plus.

These are my favorite pair of headphones I have tried so far. The overall sound of these is very balanced. This means the Low, Medium, and high tones are for the most part balanced out. You can easily look up a lot of information on these headphones. They are an industry standard which I have enjoyed owning for more than two years now.

The MDR-7506 delivers impressive audio quality and dependable quality. The bass can be a bit flat but overall, the MDR-7506 is a dream to use for live sound.

Sony MDR-XB600


  • Bass-heavy
  • Comfortable
  • Travel-friendly


  • A bit unbalanced

If you’re looking for headphones heavy on the bass that don’t break the bank, Sony’s MDR-XB600 are definitely worth checking out. XB in the name stands for ‘eXtra Bass’ and these are really heavy on the lows. For some people, they are actually too heavy on the lows and therefore unbalanced.

Generally speaking, great choice for bassy genres, video games and movies, but maybe not that great for other music genres.Now let’s talk about comfort. If you would go through the reviews, you’d learn most people found these really comfortable. There were a few that found the fit quite painful, though. These headphones are considered portable – after folding they take about half of their size, which makes them a decent option for travelling.

Here’s what reviewers wrote about these headphones:

I brought the XB600’s home, plugged them into my Nexus 7 and I couldn’t believe how great they sounded. TI listened to Bob Marley Legends album and these head phones sound incredible. The bass is tight and pronounced, but not muddy like the Dr. Drye’s I’m very happy with these and I’m very glad my headphone hunt is over.

The SONY MDRxb600 EXTRA BASS headphones really punch the bass. If you’re one of those people who would crank up the bass settings, or buy 15-inch subwoofers in order to feel the beat, you are going to LOVE these headphones. Obviously in some situations, with certain music, this might make the bass throb too much.

Best Bass Headphones for Over $100

Headphones below are great choices for anyone out there who really appreciates quality sound. Granted, they’re quite expensive, but they’re really worth their price. Obviously, you don’t have to choose headphones that cost over $100 to enjoy music so if you’re on a budget take a look at headphones listed above. You’ll surely find a pair that’s within your price range.

V-MODA Crossfade M-100


  • Amazing, well balanced sound
  • Durable and portable


  • Ear pads smaller than headphones with similar style

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 are over-ear headphones that deliver superb sound quality, especially in the price basket they’re in. While some older V-MODA headphones weren’t that comfortable, especially for people with hat size L, these are much more comfortable.

Passive noise isolation is another great addition to these. If you want to just cut out the outside world and focus on the music, these are definitely worth checking out. When you read reviews of various headphones, many people report they don’t last long when used for a number of hours daily. V-MODA Crossfade M-100 headphones aren’t one of those. Like other headphones from V-MODA family, these fold nicely and come with a hard carry case which makes them a great choice if you’re looking for portable headphones.

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Let’s read a few buyers’ reviews on Amazon:

I went through one of my playlists that includes a variety of music types, and the audio quality was superb. Vocals had excellent clarity, and the range of sound was very good with rich trebles and solid bass. Even at the maximum volume, there was virtually no noticeable distortion.

Most everything about this headphone is just plain RIGHT! The tonal balance from low to high end is voiced both convincingly and extremely satisfyingly. I have not found myself wishing for more bass, or more highs and have not had a bit of trouble with the mid range. This is very uncommon in the headphone world, to find a comparably low priced set of cans that gives this sort of sonic presentation. It truly is remarkable.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x


  • Great sound quality for the price
  • Really comfortable


  • These are more of well-balanced headphones, with only a slight emphasis on lows

Crisp highs, great mids and amazing lows are what Audio-Technica ATH-M50x provides. What does that mean? The sound quality is remarkable and they are very well balanced so you don’t feel like there’s too much bass in the music.

According to many reviewers, these are one of the best headphones you can get for under $200. This model is a successor of the ATH-M50s model which was a huge success and the manufacturer went with the best possible approach in this case – don’t fix what’s not broken.

So the ATH-M50x model has everything the earlier model had plus a couple of small changes that made this one even better. Removable cable (now you get 3 different cables so you can switch depending on your needs) and even more comfortable cushions are changes worth mentioning.Here’s a quote pulled from Amazon from one of the reviews.

I enjoy having a little heavy on the bass, but for the most part I like a very balanced range, and these do just that. I typically listen to indie alternative, but have tried these with dubstep, pop, hip hop, and many others, and they sound great with them all. The best part is that you get such a nice set for a great price.

Sony MDR-XB500


  • Great quality with extra bass
  • Ideal for extended play


  • Expensive

If you’re looking for amazing sound quality with extra bass, you need to check out Sony MDR-XB500 headphones. Granted, they cost about $300 but they definitely deliver. These over-the-ear headphones deliver rich and undistorted bass while keeping the mids and highs crips so the music feels balanced.

The ear cups are really large which might be an issue when keeping them in your carry-on luggage but for home use, they are just fine. The headphones are very comfortable so using them for 8 or more hours straight isn’t an issue.

These headphones bleed sound to the environment so if you usually put your volume at high using them in the office might not be the best idea. If you want to use these headphones when using the computer please remember that you can get the most out of them only when your computer has a quality sound card. With headphones that good the device that provides music actually makes a difference as well.Here’s a quote from one of the reviewers on Amazon.

In terms of bass, calling these Extra Bass headphones is no a joke; you can really get some serious thumping out of them if that’s what your music calls for.

V-MODA XS Folding Headphone


  • Stylish and compact design
  • Lightweight construction
  • Excellent audio quality


  • Prone to sound leakage
  • Poor noise isolation

The V-MODA XS range is the follow up to the massively popular Crossfade M80 series. The XS is a set of foldable on-ear headphones with metal closed back design and padded headband. They’re quite a stylish set of cans! It’s youthful, fresh and on trend. Of course, the flashy design isn’t for everyone.

Beyond its stylish design, the XS features travel-friendly construction. These headphones are foldable and they don’t take much room in your bag. The headphones are quite lightweight too. The overall quality is featherlight but it feels durable. Not an essential but the stylish packaging is a nice touch!

The XS is ergonomically designed for comfortable music listening. The diamond-shaped ear cups are padded to reduce sound leakage. They sit nicely on the ears too. Inside, the XS is fitted with 40mm drivers, delivering high-quality audio and bass performance. V-MODA didn’t hold back on bass response, the XS delivers powerful bass without affecting clarity. The treble response is great and so is the mid range performance. The XS can handle anything from casual music listening to 3D soundstage or movie watching with relative ease. The audio clarity and definition aren’t the best out there but the performance of the XS is definitely excellent all around.

These headphones deliver great highs but they’re not as expansive. Our only gripe is the nonexistent noise isolation. Sound leakage is also disappointing. These aren’t the best headphones to use in noisy environments. The ambient noise is just affecting the quality of the audio. You’ll have to keep cranking the volume up to drown the unwanted noise. It’s also worth noting that the headband provides a tight fit. This can be an issue for users with larger heads.

The sound is very clean, very open and crisp. The headphones provide volume easily and with no detectable distortion (to me). Highs are very clear and transparent, the bass is tight and without boominess found in many of the popular headphones. The headphones are accurate enough to pick up the background tape hiss present in older recordings made on studio reel to reel.

The XS is a set of solid performing headphones. The audio quality is impressive with minimal distortion. The style and quality of the headphones are fantastic. The XS is definitely built to last.

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JVC HA-SZ2000 Headphones


  • Exceptional bass performance
  • Foldable design
  • Excellent audio quality


  • Heft, chunky design
  • Uncomfortable ear pads

The JVC Real Sound System HA-SZ2000 headphones is a set of over the ear headphones that are part of the Z series. The set features sizable ear pieces and they’re padded for your pleasure. The closed-back design ensures that the thunderous bass is concentrated on the ears. More on that later. The headband is chunky and stable. The covering is made from a combination of faux leather and mesh. The plastic band that connects the ear cups is also covered by a thick faux leather padding.

The HA-SZ2000’s overall design is thick and robust although it does fold down. The base of the headband bends so the headphone is surprisingly travel-friendly. Since the design is robust, the HA-SZ2000 has a nice heft to it. Wearing the HA-SZ2000, the headphones sit nicely. The ear cups are comfortable and balanced.

Inside the HA-SZ2000, it is powered by a 30mm driver unit with incorporated carbon nanotube diaphragm. It boasts of reproduction frequency band of 4Hz to 29kHz, not bad at all. But to make the most out of these cans, you may need a strong amp. The HA-SZ2000 is quite sensitive, the bass is fantastic. This model is actually designed for bass crazies in mind. The bass doesn’t sound artificial or overly-boomy. It’s accurate, organic, and thunderous. The sub-bass is just as brain rattling. The mids and highs are vibrant and clear especially when fixed with EQ. And if you do use EQ, you’ll find that the HA-SZ2000 is a responsive set of cans.

Overall performance is great, especially at this price point. The JVC HA-SZ2000 gets bonus points for the luxe packaging. The headphones are packed so carefully in a bed of satin. You know you’re really getting premium quality cans judging by the packaging alone.

The powerful bass is not for everyone though. If you’ve got sensitive ears, the HA-SZ2000 will definitely overwhelm your ears. But if you’re a true blue bass beast, you found the right set of cans right here! Also, the headphones are quite heavy and you’ll feel the weight with every passing hour. The ear pads need an update too. We feel that they are just too shallow.

LISTEN UP, If you pair these headphones with a Cayin C5 it will absolutely blow your mind. The bass is the loudest, crisp, punchy that I’ve ever heard in a pair of headphones. 5 stars, would give it more if I could.

The JVC HA-SZ2000 is one of the best Dubstep headphones in the business and for good reason. If you live for face-melting bass and vibrant highs, the JVC HA-SZ2000 is your best bet.

Sony XB950B1 Extra Bass Wireless Headphones


  • Comfortable
  • Thumping bass
  • Good microphone


  • Swivel part can break easily

Dubstep listeners look for some additional bass in their headphones. If the headphones have “Extra Bass” in their name and actually deliver on that promise, they’ve got a head start on other sets. Fortunately for you, Sony XB950B1 do deliver on the bass they promise.

These over-the-ear headphones provide great sound quality overall, with a more pronounced bass that can be boosted if needed (more about that later). With Sony XB950B1, your ears fit completely inside the foamy ear cups, which makes them comfortable to wear for hours. Once you’re finished listening, you can fold these by rotating the ear-cups 90 degrees. There’s also a dedicated carrying case available that’s a great choice if you’re traveling with these. Please note the case is sold separately.

Sony XB950B1 are wireless and connect via Bluetooth and NFC. If you don’t mind the cord and would like to use them for longer on a single charge, you can wire them in with the 3.5mm audio cable that’s in the package. These are charged the usual way using microUSB. Single full charge will last for up to 18 hours of playback in Bluetooth mode and it takes about 4 hours. An hour-long charge gives you about 6 hours of use, which is really cool if you can’t or forgot to charge these overnight.

The ear cuds have all the controls you need. You can change tracks, adjust volume, play, pause and even take calls (the mic is really decent) using only the buttons on the cups. Remember the mention about boosting bass earlier? There’s also a “Bass effect” button that boosts up the bass, so if you need some additional power, go for it.

There’s one issue with these that was mentioned by a few users. They break quite easily, especially the swivel part. Because of that, choosing these for working out doesn’t seem a good idea. For regular use, unless you’re a person who drops their headphones fairly often, there shouldn’t be any issues with these.

Best Dubstep Headphones for Over $200

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones


  • Stylish design
  • Stable connectivity
  • Seamless integration
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  • Tight fit
  • Prone to audio leakage

Of course, we cannot end our list of awesome dubstep headphones without a shout out to Beats. The Beats Solo 3 is a set of wireless on-ear headphones with sleek, closed-back design. One thing Beats is good at is style and the Solo 3 is a good looking set of cans. As the name implies, this would be the third iteration of the popular Solo series. But is the Solo 3 better than its sibling, the Solo 2? Let’s find out!

As far as appearance goes, the Solo 3 looks exactly like the Solo 2. It sports the same sleek headband and ergonomically-designed ear cups. The only difference between the two models is that the logo color is tone on tone on the Solo 3.

The Solo 3 is made from rigid, glossy plastic but the internal frame is made from steel. That explains the heft. The headband is coated with a thin rubber material rather than the traditionally covered padding seen on similar products. Wearing the Solo 3, the fit is on the firm side. The fit isn’t unpleasant but it can be uncomfortable after an hour or two. These headphones connect via Bluetooth. Connectivity is quite stable thanks to the new W1 chip, which integrates with your music device.

As far as audio quality goes, the Solo 3 is much like the Solo 2. The bass is punchy, hard hitting and bold. The treble is slightly muted but the mids are smooth with texture. The richness of the bass doesn’t muddle the mix at all. The vocals sound accurate and natural though not detailed. These headphones aren’t made for close listeners because the treble isn’t as detailed. These aren’t the best headphones to use when listening to hip-hop or electronic music. The bass sounds overpowering at some point. Another thing worth noting, sound leakage is a real issue with these cans.

Solo 3 is better than its sibling, the Solo 2 but the similarity between the two models is undeniable. And with a tag price of $299, the Beats Solo 3 is a hard sell.

These headphones are perfect! Good for working out at the gym, shooting hoops, and going for a light jog! The price is kind of hard to commit to but, once you do it was well worth the money. When these headphones are Bluetooth there is no lag and you can as far as up to 50ft away they still play music!

The Solo 3 is one stylish set of cans. The bass packs quite a punch and the design can’t be beaten. The price is a little hard to swallow but overall, audio quality is great.


Even if you have decided to buy a pretty inexpensive headphones, you can always get more out of them. How? Just buy an amplifier. They only downside of using an amplifier is that it’s another thing you have to carry with yourself when you want to listen to music.

Obviously, if you’re in most cases listening to music at home that’s not an issue. Another thing to remember is that an amplifier helps you get more out of headphones, meaning it adjusts the music that’s coming from the source and sends the adjusted version to your headphones. Tham means that the quality you’re getting still depends on the headphones – when connecting an amplifier to $50 they won’t magically become as good as $300 headphones are.

FiiO E6 Portable Headphone Amplifier


  • Use your existing headphones and make them even better


  • Issues with quality

If you really like your current headphones but would love to get a bit more out of them, FiiO E6 seems like the product for you. It’s built to work with devices like MP3 players, mobile phones, notebooks, etc. The built-in equalizer allows you to get the best possible quality from your headphones. You would simply have to go through the available settings to find which ones best match your headphones and then use them all the time.

It’s equipped with a rechargeable battery that allows for up to 10 hours of continuous use. You charge the battery via USB port so it’s an ideal choice for anyone who you use the amplifier when working on a computer. It also has a replaceable clip so if you’d like to take it with you and attach to clothes, that’s covered as well.Here’s a quote pulled from Amazon reviews.

When I listen to music I use my laptop and iPod, but never without this little guy anymore. It takes the sound from both sources and makes it more smooth and clear. The only downside is that I don’t want to even listen to music while it is charging!

Dubstep Headphones Tips & Buying Guide

What to Look for in Dubstep Headphones

Since dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music, the same rules as for choosing the best headphones for EDM apply. For a start, you’d want something that actually plays a massive amount of bass. Consider price and form later; it’s the audio quality that matters for this bass-obsessed genre of music. There are at least three things that make up the audio quality of a pair of headphones: sensitivity, frequency response, and form.

You can feel the solid bass response of headphones with 107 decibels (dB) sensitivity. You can even go for 110 dB or 115 dB. All of these sensitivity ratings play back good bass without needing an amplifier. If you’re not familiar with headphones sensitivity, the term simply describes how efficiently headphones use energy. Aim for portable gears with a sensitivity rating of over 100 dB.

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Frequency Response
Besides a solid sensitivity rating, also look for one with a good frequency response, which reproduces the sounds without distortion. It will let you listen to subtle sounds unrecognisable elsewhere. Play a Skrillex or TobyMac track with every gear and see if it functions well in both low-noise and loud environment.

Headphones come in two forms: sealed and open. Dubstep fans are often confused which one to choose. If you don’t want the sound to leak or be heard by other people, then go for sealed headphones. Whether it’s a full-size ear cup or in-ear models, sealed designs are great for private listening. The degree of acoustic isolation, of course, varies from one brand to another.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for a pair that leaks the sound to anyone near you or a pair that doesn’t block out everything from the outside, get the open one. It’s ideal for jogging or any outdoor activities that require awareness of outside noise. Remember, “best” is relative and there are other important factors you have to consider when shopping for a pair that best matches your listening needs. Fans usually look for those that are comfortable to wear for hours and durable.

Choosing Great Dubstep Headphones – Size, Type, and Technology

A perfect pair of dubstep headphones does exist. But it’s up to you to decide if it best suits you or not. You have more than a lot of options and each of them has its upsides and downsides. Let’s take a look.

Earbuds or In-Ear Headphones
Don’t underestimate this portable type. There are high-performance buds that rival the quality of full-size models. They may be cheaper but many models are tailored to securely fit into the ear canal or rest snugly on the outer ear. Earbuds are best if you’re always on the go since they’re ultracompact and lightweight. But if you’re not willing to spend on higher-performance buds, average to good in-ear headphones won’t give you the best bass response and sound quality comparable to on-ear or full-size headphones.

On-Ear Headphones
They’re also called open-backed, semi-open, or closed-back headphones. Many dubstep fans, especially those working in coffee shops, prefer using the fully sealed model for acoustic isolation. They may look expensive and non-compact but there are many inexpensive and portable ones that fold up easily. They’re also comfortable to wear and are less prone to overheating than full-size headphones.

But unlike in-ear and full-size models, on-ear headphones are not that effective when it comes to isolating noise as they don’t fully cover your ears. Understandably, they also have less powerful bass when compared with full-size headphones.

Full-Size (or Over-The-Ear) Headphones

Techie ones call this type “circumaural,” because its earcups fully enclose the ears. You’ve probably seen large, sometimes noise-cancelling headphones and wonder if they belong to this type. They do. Their size and impressive acoustic isolation make full-size headphones ideal for those looking for maximum bass levels and larger sound stage. They’re not, however, great for portable use and some models can even overheat on the ears.

Buying Tips

Shopping for a pair of dubstep headphones? Most headphones come with an array of features. And depending on your needs, some features help improve the audio quality and/or improve the listening experience.

Extra Features to Consider

To help you find the best products according to your needs, consider these added features:

Noise Cancellation
Noise cancellation technology helps eliminate outside noises so you don’t have to crank the volume all the way up when you’re in a noisy environment. Dubstep headphones with noise cancelling feature are the perfect companion during long flights or commutes because this extra feature allows you to focus on the music, rather than the surrounding noise. Also, noise cancellation improves the fidelity of the audio.

That said, the added feature means more bulk. Usually, headphones with noise cancelling features have thicker ear pads and the added bulk means the headphones are not as portable.

Wireless or Wired?
There are two types of headphones, wired and wireless. As the name implies, wireless headphones come with no wires, which means you don’t have to deal with annoying tangles when in use. This is a great feature especially if you travel a lot or you want your stuff to look organised in your bag.

Instead of a wire, wireless headphones depend on Bluetooth for connectivity. As far as sound quality goes, wireless headphones offer excellent audio quality, comparable to that of wired headphones. However, in-ear wireless ear buds are a different beast altogether. Most users say the wireless variant tend to sound tinny and the bass isn’t as rich.

Audiophiles tend to choose wired as opposed to wireless headphones because of the longer battery life. Wireless headphones can’t be plugged and used when the battery dies.

Headphone impedance refers to the amount of power needed to power up the headphones. Lower impedance headphones require less power so they can be used with sound devices with weak impedance. The beauty of low impedance headphones is that you can use them on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. However, they can be prone to blowouts from too much amplification.

On the other hand, headphones with higher impedance need dedicated amplifiers to drive and deliver excellent performance. While these devices are not prone to blowouts, they can be expensive and are fussier to use.

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