Best Digital Bathroom Scale

Why do you need a great bathroom scale?
If you don’t have a bathroom scale, you’re probably looking for the digital bathroom scale. Of course you can choose an analog one, that’s entirely up to you.

Why you should have a bathroom scale? Most of us see ourselves in the bathroom mirror on a daily basis. It’s very difficult to notice any differences in the body composition if you look at your body that often. That’s because the difference in the body composition between day one and day two is unnoticeable. That’s why bathroom scales are very useful – they give us measured values, which can be compared between one another. You can compare your today’s weight with your weight from yesterday, or a week before and you’ll immediately know whether you’re gaining weight, losing it, or if it stays the same.

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Best Digital Bathroom Scales

Eatsmart Precision Plus


Eatsmart Precision Plus is on of the top rated and best-selling digital bathroom scales. It has all the features you really need (e.g. step on instant readings, large backlit display, large platform and auto power-off). It’s also very durable and accurate. It’s pretty inexpensive as well.

If you’re looking for one of the best digital scales on the market, this is the product for you!

EatSmart Precision


EatSmart Precision is a very basic digital bathroom scale that has all you really need. It’s extremely easy to use – you simply step on the platform and almost instantly get the readings. It has a large 3.5” LCD display with backlight, so you’ll easily read the value. It’s precise, auto calibrated and features an auto power-off.

If you don’t need a super precise scale or any bells and whistles, this is the scale for you.

EatSmart Precision Premium

EatSmart Precision Premium is another great digital scale manufactured by EatSmart. The main difference between the two mentioned models and this one is that is has an ultra thin design and a pretty sophisticated overall look. Besides that, it’s a pretty standard EatSmart scale – it’s precise, durable and has a large LCD screen with a backlight.

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If you’re looking for a great digital scale with fancy look, this is the electronic bathroom scale for you.

Additional information about bathroom scales

How to choose the best digital bathroom scale for your family

A bathroom scale is an item that’s bought for many years. That’s why before buying a bathroom scale you should consider few things.

Things to consider:

  • Do you need some additional features?Nowadays some digital bathroom scales have lots of various features. You should consider whether your family needs only a simple scale that allows to weigh yourself, or a device much more sophisticated. The more sophisticated the device, the more money you’ll have to pay for it. Because of that it’s always better to consider your needs before making the purchase – you won’t have to overpay.
  • Consider how the bathroom scale looks likeMost of the time your bathroom scale will be lying unused in the bathroom (or wherever you’ll decide to put it). Because of that, you should consider whether its looks fit the room where it is. If the looks of the scale won’t fit the room, you’ll have to store the scale in a locker.
  • Size of the bathroom scaleThe device should be large enough so every family member will be able to use it easily. It should also fit into the place where you plan to put it.
  • Weight rangeBefore buying a certain digital bathroom scale make sure that it’ll suit the weight range of the members of your family.
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Additional features of digital bathroom scales

If you’re undertaking a new diet or you’re starting a new exercise regime, a few additional features of digital bathroom scales might be of a use for you. Some scales (like this one) can measure your body fat, hydration or even bone and muscle mass.

You should know that, unless you’ll buy a very expensive professional equipment, those additional measures given by those devices aren’t very accurate. If you need an accurate measure of your body fat, you can’t rely on a number given by a $50 digital bathroom scale. If you, however, just want to know whether the value is going up or down, a normal digital bathroom scale should be sufficient for your needs.

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