Best Bluetooth Running Headphones

Symaxio’s Bluetooth Headset Item Model Number MWS-730

These all black Bluetooth headphones are extremely comfortable and let you run without worry. They come with a microphone and a 100 percent money back guarantee. The audio is perfect even when you are running at full speed. It is compatible with cell phones, motorcycle helmets, car audio systems, computers video games and monitors. You’ll love the style and quality of this Bluetooth headset. Buyers rave about the headset’s bass quality. They also love the built-in microphone and the vibrating call alert so you won’t miss any phone calls when you are rocking out to your music while enjoying your run. There’s an extra long battery life, 10 hours worth of talk time, 8 hours of music playing time and a fantastic 12 days of standby time.

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You’ll find yourself using this headset even when you aren’t running. You’ll use it for your favorite YouTube videos, live news streams and movies. You’ll likely use the built-in microphone for Google Hangout, Skype and other video chats as well. The Bluetooth technology works incredibly well so you can venture far away from your device and the headset will still function.

Yet there are some negatives to this Bluetooth headset. Some have compared the audio quality to that of cheap earbuds. Most laud this headset for its super fast charging ability but some complain about its bright blinking blue light that can become a bit of an annoyance. Others have stated that the bass sounds muffled. The top complaint is that the audio diminishes when you hit the upper echelons of the volume capacity. A few have noted that the headset’s plastic feels a bit cheap and hollow. While most users report a wireless range of 20 plus feet, some have mentioned that their phones must stay within 5 feet or less.

JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Headphones

These midnight black headphones provide 8 hours worth of playtime so you can enjoy an entire day’s worth of listening pleasure. They have SignalPlus technology for a skip free music experience while you are on the run. These headphones are even designed with PureSound technology for listener fatigue/white noise reduction. There is also a lifetime warranty to protect from sweat damage.

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Most reviewers heap praise on the JayBird BlueBuds as they provide wireless support without the excessive bulk and heft of other Bluetooth headphones. They are perfect for the outdoor runner thanks to their light weight, premium quality audio and excellent bass. There are some common criticisms of the JayBird BlueBuds. Some have stated that they aren’t built to last. A few reviewers have mentioned that they loved the sound quality but had to purchase a second pair after the first broke down. Users have reported that sweat can seep into the headphones and although there is a protection against sweat damage, buyers must pay for the return shipping. Some users have reported that they’ve had to return their headphones three or four times due to sweat damage.

A handful of users have complained that the ear tips are not as comfortable as they’d like. There is also a common complaint about the volume functionality. When you alter the volume, there is an annoying beeping sound that bothers most users. Yet the audio is so clear and precise that most buyers overlook these minor faults.

Arctic P311 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

These headphones come with an integrated microphone and 20 hours of playback. They work with any device that supports Bluetooth. You can even connect it to your PC thanks to the ARCTIC USB UD1 and UD2 dongle. There are 5 function buttons  built into the right earcup so you can easily control your music. You’ll be able to alter the volume, change and start music tracks and answer incoming calls while you run. Users especially love the headphones’ bass. It sounds full and rich while you blast your tunes on a run or while hanging out and watching a movie.

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While most buyers love the Arctic P311 headphones, there are some faults. Some have stated that the headphones are too big for their heads and ears. A few have mentioned that they can hear some of the internal components rattling around when they wear the headphones during runs.


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