Best Bluetooth Headphones for TV

The wireless, isolated sound experience offered by bluetooth headphones can allow you to watch your favorite programs without disturbing the dozing person beside you, and can also prevent sound pollution leaking through to neighbors and fellow residents. Bluetooth TV headphones can solve all kinds of issues regarding noise and sound, and listed below are reviews of particular brands: making you aware of the pros and cons of each, and helping you to decide which set of bluetooth headphones are best for you.

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The GOgroove bluetooth TV headphones are a particularly stylish brand, made up of a curved, glossy white frame and black interior with rectangular ear cushions. One of the more modern designs, Gogroove headphones are built primarily for HD television sets, allowing the user to receive the same high-definition experience they’d ordinarily get from their television speakers – except through isolated sound. As is typical of more modern products, the GOgroove headphones usually cost a little more than the average price, but they do arrive with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty, meaning your money is safe if you’re unlucky and purchase a pair that aren’t up to the promised high standards. They also come complete with rechargeable batteries (meaning that they can handily be powered through any available USB port up to a healthy life of around fourteen hours) and an RCA adapter to fully optimize sound output.

These headphones have been highly rated since their release on the market, with users commenting on their light and comfortable nature. Many have found the sound quality nothing short of excellent, and ultimately worth the relatively steep recommended retail price of roughly $100.

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The only quibble that users have mentioned regarding GOgroove headphones are the somewhat vague instructions that accompany them, and if you’re someone who struggles with system synchronization, high-definition systems, or technology in general, you may need to seek professional to help to set them up, or purchase an alternative headset instead.


The Photive BTH3 4.0’s are a simplistic, compact, and reasonably priced set of bluetooth headphones, often being available for around fifty bucks. Painted black with circular ear pads that rotate and adjust to compensate for head size, these headphones are perfect for anyone wishing for an easily portable product, which also comes accompanied by a handy, stylish and protective foam carrier case for no extra charge. The Photive model headset also contains a built-in microphone, and rechargeable batteries which provide up to 12 hours of usage. A particularly popular model among users seeking a simple set of bluetooth headphones, the Photive BTH3 4.0’s have received plaudits for their easy use, volume reach, excellent range, and portable capability.

The general consensus on this model has been that they are completely worth the money, and the only real complaint has been regarding sound leakage. Despite this being the only real flaw of the Photive BT3 4.0’s, it is a common one, and several users have noticed that when the volume is cranked reasonably high, the sound from the headphones spills out rather easily. Overall though, they are considered to be easily worth their price, and are highly recommended for anyone seeking a simple and efficient set of bluetooth headphones for their television sets.

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The Opteka BTX-5 4.0’s are another stylishly portable brand of bluetooth headphones, coming equipped with a deluxe carrier case layered with protective foam. Usually available for anywhere between fifty and a hundred bucks, this Opteka model contains a built-in battery with a huge life of up to fifteen hours, along with an integrated control system and compatibility with a wide variety of smart devices and tablets. With their sleek black appearance and circular ear cushions, the Opteka BTX-5 4.0’s are as stylish-looking as any set of Bluetooth headphones, and the capability of the ear pads to twist and turn means that they’re suitable for a wide variety of users.

Many customers have commended the excellent connectivity of the Opetka brand, along with the superb battery life and general sound quality. One of few issues users have referred to is how occasionally set up can be problematic, but after seeking professional assistance the headphones have worked efficiently and capably.

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