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  • how-to-freeze-blueberries-3

    How to Freeze Blueberries

    If you would like to enjoy blueberries all year round, the best way to do that is to freeze them on your own. The whole process is pretty straightforward and isn’t time-consuming. Many people freeze blueberries to use the in pies, smoothies, etc. and chances are you will like them raw as well. Freezing is […] More

  • Can Chocolate Go Bad?

    Chocolate is one of those foods everyone loves. Chocolate comes in dark, milk, semi-sweet and white. These types of chocolates are useful for making chocolate bars, baked goods, beverages, sauces and even natural beauty care products, and because of all these purposes people love buying chocolate in bulk. Sometimes people buy chocolate in bulk simply […] More

  • How to Freeze Yogurt

    Yogurt is one of quite a few dairy products that can be frozen successfully, but it’s not a product that freezes very well. Truth be told, some people are satisfied with the taste of frozen and thawed yogurt, while other don’t really like it much. Unfortunately it’s only one way you can find out if […] More

  • how-to-freeze-bread-2

    How to Freeze Bread

    Quite a few people freeze bread on a regular basis. If you would want to become on of them and don’t know where to start, this article is perfect for you. After reading it you will know how to freeze bread and in which cases it makes sense to do that. If that’s what you’re […] More

  • can-you-freeze-honey-2

    Can You Freeze Honey?

    As with any food you hope to keep fresh for as long as possible, the question whether or not honey can simply be put in the freezer comes to mind. Honey is the timeless nutritional supplement and mealtime sweetener that has been enjoyed by humans for thousands of years. Today, honey is more plentiful and […] More

  • can-you-freeze-lettuce-3

    Can You Freeze Lettuce?

    Whether you’ve got a bounty of lettuce in your garden or you’ve found an excellent sale at your local market, there’s only so much lettuce you can eat before the crispy leaves start to go limp and decay. Freezing the remaining lettuce might seem like a thrifty move, but you must be prepared to make […] More

  • can-you-freeze-ham-3

    Can You Freeze Ham

    Now that the holidays have wrapped up and Easter is only a few months away, many people are curious as to whether they can safely freeze their leftover ham. Oftentimes, an entire ham is too much for a small family so it makes sense to freeze the leftovers. Ham can be safely frozen without any […] More

  • How to Freeze Cabbage

    If you’ve ever wondered whether freezing cabbage makes sense and if it even can be done successfully, that answer to both questions is affirmative. If you’d like to learn how to freeze cabbage, this article will provide you with all the information you need. Table of Contents How to freeze cabbage Prep Blanching Pre-freezing Packaging […] More

  • how-to-freeze-strawberries-2

    How to Freeze Strawberries

    Everyone knows that strawberries are best enjoyed fresh, but if you have more of those berries than you know how to use them, freezing seems to be the best solution of that issue. If you would like to know how to freeze strawberries, this article covers few different methods of freezing. Interested? If so, read […] More

  • How to Freeze Carrots

    Freezing carrots isn’t that difficult, although it requires some work. If you’d like to know how to freeze this red veggie, read the rest of the article and you will know everything you need to. Table of Contents How to freeze carrots Before you freeze Prep Blanching Pre-freezing Packing How to freeze carrots Before you […] More

  • Can Vodka Go Bad?

    One of the most popular alcoholic mixers in the Western world, vodka is a deceptively innocent-looking distilled spirit with a strong, vibrant kick to it. Its clear, transparent, water-like appearance is a cunning mask for a beverage that often consist of a minimum of 40% alcohol content, and perhaps it should come as no surprise […] More

  • Can You Freeze Lemons?

    The refreshing citrus sour taste lemons provide to beverages and food dishes makes people want to learn the secret to preserving their delightful flavor and bright yellow color. That secret is simple and it is by freezing lemons handpicked right from citrus trees during harvesting season. However, not everyone gets the privilege of handpicking his […] More

  • Can You Freeze Ricotta Cheese ?

    Ricotta cheese is a versatile Italian whey cheese used in a variety of recipes. Creamy and white, like delicate pearls, ricotta curds possess a subtle and refined sweetness. Though superficially similar to cottage cheese in appearance and texture, ricotta is considerably lighter than its likeness. Ricotta is a highly perishable cheese and, consequently, was most […] More

  • How to Freeze Onions

    Since some stores even offer frozen chopped onions, everyone knows that onions can be successfully frozen. The only unanswered question is: how it’s done? In this article we will talk about the most important things related to freezing onions. After reading it, you should know everything you really need to and be ready to freeze […] More

  • How to Freeze Avocado

    If you’re thinking about freezing an avocado (or a few of them), you definitely need to know how to freeze it to get the best possible results. There are at least two popular ways of freezing avocados and we will cover both in this article. If you’re interested, read along. Table of Contents How to […] More

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