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How to Freeze Corn on the Cob

Freezing corn on the cob is not only possible, but quite a few people do it on a regular basis. This article will guide you through the process, so you can freeze corn on the cob on your own after...

Updated on March 1, 2017

How to Freeze Tomatoes

If you plan to freeze tomatoes, they are virtually tens of possible combinations (blanched, not blanched, peeled, unpeeled, cut, shredded, etc.) and in this article we will go through the most important info you need. After reading this article you...

Updated on January 14, 2017

How to Freeze Zucchini

Freezing zucchini is not that difficult and in this article I will show how it is done. Follow through and you will learn everything you need to know before freezing this green vegetable for the first time. How to freeze...

Updated on January 14, 2017
Spaghetti Squash Marinara

Can You Freeze Spaghetti Squash?

A diet with lots of fresh produce is the healthiest decision for you and your family, but it’s not always easy to make this happen on the typical family’s budget. You can save money by stocking up on certain foods,...

Updated on February 27, 2017

Can You Freeze Kale?

Harvesting kale from the garden in large quantities may leave you wondering what to do with all of it. The solution is to freeze some of it to enjoy at a later date, but if you love the fresh crisp...

Updated on February 28, 2017
Broccoli florets

Can You Freeze Broccoli?

Not only can you freeze broccoli, but you should! One reason to freeze all vegetables, including broccoli, is to preserve its fresh quality and vitamin content. Another reason that many vegetables, including broccoli, or frozen is to kill any worms...

Updated on March 1, 2017
Planted lettuce

Can You Freeze Lettuce?

Whether you’ve got a bounty of lettuce in your garden or you’ve found an excellent sale at your local market, there’s only so much lettuce you can eat before the crispy leaves start to go limp and decay. Freezing the...

Updated on March 2, 2017

Can You Freeze Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes have a lot of great uses around your home. As one of the most recognized staple comfort foods, mashed potatoes will go with virtually any kind of meal you may make. But one problem with them is that...

Updated on March 1, 2017