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Sleeping Up High

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Sleeping

A great pair of noise canceling headphones will help you get the right amount of sleep you need every night. After all, we spend about a third of our lives sleeping! Unfortunately, a good night’s sleep is not always guaranteed...

Updated on November 2, 2017

Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds with Microphone

One benefit to having all of our music available on all of our devices is portability; in these busy times, we often want to listen to our music and podcasts, or make phone calls on the go. This can mean...

Updated on February 28, 2017

Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds under $100

Technology plays such a key role in our lives today, it’s hard to imagine travelling, commuting, or even going on a jog without having a playlist or podcast ready to go. Noise cancelling earbuds are the perfect way to enjoy...

Updated on March 22, 2017

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Kids – Ear Defenders For Children

If you have kids and are concerned about protecting their hearing from exceptionally loud noises, you should consider purchasing some isolation headphones. Many are actually made specifically for children. They can significantly reduce noise levels and preserve your child’s hearing...

Updated on March 6, 2017

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones under $50, $100, $200 and more

Everybody appreciates the need for a silent environment. Constant noises can elevate your stress levels over time. However, noise-cancelling headphones are an excellent way to eliminate outside ambient noises and help you relax. For example, you might want to block...

Updated on April 4, 2017