Looking for the perfect Bluetooth headphones for truck drivers?

Taking a call can be difficult for truck drivers because they are always focusing on the road ahead. Their hands are always on the steering wheel so it’s quite a challenge taking an important call. While a driver could always stop to take a call, this can be a waste of time when you’ve been driving all day! The fact is, Bluetooth headphones are essential to truck drivers.

A great pair of Bluetooth headphones allows truckers to take calls or listen to their favorite music, hands-free. Bluetooth headphones offer utmost freedom of movement. Because these headphones are cordless, there are no tangled wires to deal with.

The good news is, there are so many wireless headphones available on the market right now. There is something for everyone. But finding the best Bluetooth headphones for truck drivers require a specific set of features. To help you find the right set of wireless headphones for you, here are our top 3 recommendations:

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The Best Bluetooth Headphones for Truck Drivers

Plantronics Explorer 50

Plantronics Explorer 50


  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight construction
  • Multipoint pairing capabilities


  • Sub-par noise cancellation
  • Music playback is not as punchy

The Explorer 50 by Plantronics is an inexpensive Bluetooth headset that’s perfect for truckers. It features a compact design and a lightweight construction, perfect for hours of music listening. The on-ear design is meant to reduce stress to the ears for a comfortable fit. If you’re looking for a pair of headphones with enough power to last all day, you’ll love the Explorer 50. The headphones offer enough juice for up to 11 hours of talk time. It also comes with a DeepSleep mode if you’re trying to save on power. And if you’re running out of power, the Explorer 50 comes with a voice alert and connection status.

This headset is perfect for streaming A2DP content. The versatility of these headphones mean you can use them at work and at play! The sound quality of the Explorer 50 is great too. The headset comes with noise reduction technology so the audio is always clear and crisp. Best of all, the Explorer 50 comes with multipoint pairing capability. It can pair up to two devices at the same time.

Now for the downsides, the noise cancellation feature is somewhat lacking. It’s not powerful enough to neutralize noisy engines or strong winds. Also, the bass is not as rich and music playback isn’t as punchy.

I love the ear piece which is extremely comfortable. It has good sound, is simple, to use, and has a long battery life. I listen to audio books for several hours every day and this is perfect! It also allows for hands-free phone use while driving and working.

The Explorer 50 is an affordable headphone set for truckers. It’s compact, light, and user-friendly. The audio quality is great especially if you’re making calls.

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FRiEQ Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset

FRiEQ Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset


  • Long battery life
  • Durable construction
  • Excellent compatibility


  • Minor issue with the microphone
  • Inconsistent volume and audio quality

FRiEQ wireless Bluetooth headphones are designed with truckers in mind. The headphones offer a comfortable fit and a long battery life for hours of talk time. The headset is made from flexible plastic. The design is on the chunky side but the headphones feel like nothing when worn. The padded earpad is wrapped in supple faux leather material and it is connected to a microphone.

Design-wise, the FRiEQ wireless Bluetooth headset is on the plain side but it’s always the inside that counts! The sound quality is pretty impressive for a mid-range headset. The microphone fits just right and making calls is always convenient and comfortable. This headset shines in noise isolation. It really blocks ambient noise efficiently, including noisy engines.

The FRiEQ wireless Bluetooth headset offers seamless integration and multipoint pairing capabilities. Using this headset, you can connect up to 2 devices, which is a standard for most Bluetooth headphones. The FRiEQ wireless Bluetooth headset is perfect for on-the-go truckers. FRiEQ is making great claims with the battery life. According to the brand’s website, this headset offers up to 30 hours of talk time and 600 hours on standby. And we can attest to this headset’s long battery life!

There were minor issues we came across with such as inconsistent volume and clarity when the headphones are out of range. There are times when the microphone is having trouble picking up voice clearly. But overall, the FRiEQ wireless Bluetooth headset make a great companion for busy truckers.

After a number of trials of various headphones for my husband the trucker, these are the BEST. Sound is clear on his end (trucks are noisy environments!), and what he says is clear on my end as well. An added bonus is that the reach is long – he can use the headphones from the back of the truck (60 feet or so away) with no disruptions.

The FRiEQ wireless Bluetooth headset is a fantastic choice for busy truckers who are in dire need of a good set of headphones. It’s not the most inexpensive headset on the market but the quality and battery life are worth the extra expense.

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VXi BlueParrott B250-XTS

VXi BlueParrott B250-XTS


  • Advanced features
  • Excellent noise cancellation capability
  • Lightweight design, excellent fit
  • Long battery life


  • Flimsy earpad
  • No charger adaptor

VXi’s BlueParrott line is designed specifically for high noise environments. The B250-XTS is one of the best selling headsets from the range. These wireless Bluetooth headphones are perfect for professional truckers. The device is lightweight yet hardy with enough flex to survive major bumps. The B250-XTS features a padded earpiece covered in supple leather-like material. A microphone is fitted near the controls.

The B250-XTS comes with awesome features that truckers will love. One of these features is the Enhanced Xtreme Noise Suppression technology. The technology minimizes ambient noise so the audio stays clear. The noise cancellation tech promises to reduce ambient noise by up to 95%. And yes, the B250-XTS did a great job of suppressing surrounding noise during testing.

The B250-XTS also comes with HD voice, GPS, multipoint pairing, and A2DP for audio streaming from music players. What’s more, the device offers up to 20 hours of talk time on a single charge. It also features a micro USB port so you can charge these headphones wherever. How’s that for convenience.

As for the sound quality, the B250-XTS is a solid performer. Regardless if you’re listening to your favorite tunes or taking calls, the sound quality is crystal clear. The fit of the B250-XTS is worth a mention too. The headband is stable so the B250-XTS doesn’t slide off during a rough ride. When it comes to performance, VXi definitely pulled all stops. For the price, you’re getting more than just a quality headset. You’re also getting a great mix of advanced features to boot.

As for the downsides, the earpad of the B250-XTS is a little flimsy. We see this getting wobbly after several uses. Also, the headset only comes with a USB charger, there’s no adaptor for normal electric outlets.

This headset is a HUGE improvement from an inexpensive MPOW headset I purchased awhile back on Amazon. The old set had NO noise canceling and the audio was muffled at best. I’m a truck driver, and my wife doesn’t complain about the background noise anymore.

The B250-XTS is a bestselling headset made specifically for truckers. The headphones deliver excellent audio quality. The B250-XTS is surprisingly affordable considering the long list of advanced features it offers.

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Bluetooth Headphones for Truck Drivers Buying Guide

Types of Bluetooth Headphones for Truck Drivers

The two most popular types of Bluetooth headphones for truckers are over-ear Bluetooth headphones and in-ear. Let’s take a look at each type and see which one suits your style:

Over-ear Bluetooth Headphones
Over-ear Bluetooth headphones feature one or two earcups attached to a headband. The ear cups, which are typically padded, surrounds the outer ears to focus the audio. If portability is an issue, over-ear headphones won’t help your cause. They are quite large so they’ll definitely take up more room in the truck.

That said, the audio quality is much better compared to in-ear headphones. As far as comfort goes, over-ear headphones are quite comfortable. These headphones are perfect for long drives thanks to the padded earcups. The headband can dig into the skin but that only happens when the headphones do not fit the head properly.

In-ear Bluetooth Headphones
This Bluetooth headset comes with either one or two earbuds that you slip into the ear like an ear plug. A separate unit is used to control the settings, including taking calls, adjusting the volume, and so on.

In-ear Bluetooth headphones are portable and more travel-friendly than over-ear headphones. These headphones are quite discreet too. However, in-ear headphones are not ideal for truckers with extremely sensitive ears. The way they are worn could cause mild discomfort during the wear time. These headphones are fitted with minuscule drivers, offering excellent audio quality. But compared to over-ear headphones, these headsets’ audio is rather airy or less open.

Important Factors to Consider

Bluetooth headphones come offer a variety of features. But what features should a truck driver look for while hunting for the perfect headsets to use on a long drive? Here are just a few to consider:

Audio Quality
A good pair of headphones should deliver high fidelity, crystal clear audio. This goes especially for higher end headphones. You don’t want the audio to break up especially if you’re taking a call or listening to music. The audio quality should be clear. The same thing goes for the person on the other line while taking calls, your voice should be clear too.

Because of work, you are constantly traveling that’s why your headset should be portable too! Look for a quality headset that’s lightweight, comfortable, and travel-friendly. The headphones shouldn’t take more space than necessary. If the headphones are bulky or a pain to travel with, you won’t get much use out of the device.

As a trucker, driving isn’t always a smooth drive so your headphones should be durable enough to withstand constant wear and tear. During your search, always consider your working environment, the length of time it takes to use the device on the daily and your own lifestyle.

Image used under Creative Commons from Per Gosche

Bluetooth headphones are notoriously fragile but higher end devices are quite durable. You want a pair of headphones that could endure vibrations or big bumps, especially when driving on rough terrain. The quality and construction of the headphones must be sturdy and stable enough for everyday use. Don’t choose a nice set of headphones that you have to baby.

Voice Command Feature
Some headphones come with advanced features for easier, more convenient operation. As a driver, you want a pair of headphones that won’t distract you from the road. Go for a headset that comes with voice command feature.

Essentially, these smart headphones can “understand” basic instructions, such as reject a call, take a call, or play a specific song. These headphones minimize the time it takes for a trucker to take his or her hands off the steering wheel. Headphones with voice activation features are pricier than regular headphones. However, they are worth the investment if your job requires 100% focus.

Long Battery Life
Being out on the road for hours at a time, you need headphones that could entertain you for longer. Bluetooth headphones come with powerful batteries to provide hours of talk time on a single charge. Of course, the performance will vary from brand to brand. That’s why it’s mighty important to read reviews and testimonials before making a purchase. Choose a high-quality headset that offers at least 10 hours of talk time on a single charge. The batteries should last for an entire day of driving. Also, the charging time shouldn’t take several hours. Because really, what’s the use of a headset that takes half the day to charge?

Truck drivers are always exposed to vibrations, sudden jerks, and big bumps especially when driving on rough terrain. The headphones should provide a perfectly stable fit. The headset should never change its position while driving. The headband should be made from sturdy material so it doesn’t sustain damage easily.

Hands-Free Operation
Apart from being wireless, hands-free operation is the selling point of Bluetooth headphones. These headphones are designed for easy and convenient operation so you don’t have to take your hands off the steering wheel.

Most Bluetooth headphones come with control buttons that are fitted into the headphone itself. Others come with remote control too. These control buttons must be accessible and easy to use so you can enjoy the headphones while driving. Expensive headphones come with a remote control as well as voice-activated features for utmost convenience and ease of use.

Noise Cancellation
Truck drivers are exposed to all sorts of driving conditions. From strong winds to noisy engines, the headphones should deliver excellent audio quality – minus outside noise. That’s why headphones with noise cancellation feature are perfect for truck drivers. These headphones neutralize all types of distraction and dangerous sounds. This way, the audio isn’t muddled by ambient noise that surrounds you.

Stable Connectivity
Nothing ruins a good song than audio that keeps breaking up. The same thing goes for important calls! Bluetooth headphones are prone to connectivity issues because integration is done over the air. Certain conditions could lead to spotty signals, hence, the interrupted audio. You don’t have to go for headphones that offer long range connectivity but make sure the connection is stable.

Extra Features Worth Considering
Other features worth checking out include multi-point connectivity and music streaming. These features are not an essential but they are nice to have especially for users with specific music needs. For other features to consider on the perfect headphones, click here.